Train Derailment Near Philadelphia: Sparks Investigation Evacuations Lifted

Train Derailment Near Philadelphia: Emergency crews are investigating a southeast Pennsylvania train derailment in Plymouth Meeting, a peaceful town 18 miles northwest of Philadelphia. CSX’s 16-car train derailed around 4:50 a.m. on Monday in this peaceful community of 7,500 people. Initial findings suggest weather conditions caused the derailment. CSX representative Sheriee Bowman told CNN that inclement weather is being considered as a possible cause, while local authorities have enlisted federal investigators to determine the exact cause.

In the early morning hours of the derailment, visibility was less than 10 miles. CSX claims only one car carried hazardous materials in the incident, despite its alarming nature. No leaks or spills occurred, protecting the crew and community. The local fire department quickly evacuated a dozen nearby homes as a precaution.

Later that day, Barren Hill Volunteer Fire Company chief Chris Schwartz lifted the evacuation orders. He also confirmed that no injuries were reported. Schwartz added that Norfolk Southern and CSX teams are working to clean up the derailment.

CSX owns the train, but Norfolk Southern owns the track. Following a freight train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, that released toxic fumes and killed thousands of fish, the latter company has come under scrutiny. Residents and responders reported a variety of illnesses, making it difficult to determine the causes of the East Palestine incident.

Train Derailment Near Philadelphia

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After Monday’s Pennsylvania derailment, concerns about hazardous material spread have arisen. Officials quickly reassured the public that none of the derailed rail cars are leaking hazardous materials. Chief Schwartz added that one rail car was damaged and spilled non-hazardous plastic pellets near the railway. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, the train had two empty tank cars, five urea fertilizer cars, and one tetrachloroethylene car.

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro thanked residents for following local authorities’ instructions and remained vigilant. He urges continued cooperation in following their guidance to ensure the safety and well-being of all derailment victims.

The community hopes for a quick resolution and normalcy as the investigation and cleanup continue.


Our Reader’s Queries

Is PA affected by the train derailment?

The state DEP has kept a close eye on the air quality in East Palestine and neighboring Pennsylvania following the train derailment. Thankfully, the monitors have not detected any dangerous pollutants entering Pennsylvania due to the derailment or the controlled burn.

How far was the train derailment from the Ohio River?

At 9pm on February 3rd, a Norfolk Southern train derailed near East Palestine, OH, just 1 mile west of the PA border, 20 miles north of West Virginia’s northern panhandle, and 16 miles from the Ohio River. The train was carrying a minimum of five hazardous chemicals.

Was West Virginia affected by train derailment?

A recent train accident in West Virginia caused an unspecified amount of diesel fuel and oil to spill into a section of one of North America’s oldest rivers, which is under the care of the National Park Service. According to CSX, a company that provides freight train services, the train derailed in Sandstone after hitting a rockslide.

Where was the train derailment in Texas?

Southbound U.S. 377 in Roanoke closed due to train derailment. The incident occurred near Byron Nelson Boulevard in Roanoke. The southbound lanes of U.S. 377 in Roanoke were shut down on Tuesday morning following a train derailment, according to the police.


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