Tiny Town of Toxey Thrives With Rich History

Nestled in the southwestern expanse of Choctaw County, Toxey stands as a testament to a bygone era, with its storied past and a modest population of 126 as per the 2020 Census.

Established in 1949, the town operates under a mayor/council form of governance, boasting a predominantly white demographic, complemented by a 27.0 percent African American populace.

Toxey's economy thrives on a diverse array of industries, including agriculture, forestry, retail trade, education, healthcare, and construction.

Educational needs are met through neighboring Choctaw County schools, while Coastal Alabama Community College offers higher education opportunities.

Accessible via State Route 17 and County Road 9, Toxey portrays resilience and community spirit, underscoring its status as a thriving rural enclave with a compelling heritage.

Key Takeaways

  • Toxey is a small town located in Choctaw County, Alabama, with a population of 126 residents.
  • The town operates under a mayor/council form of governance and plays a role in preserving its historical and cultural heritage.
  • Toxey has a rich history, with notable events such as the establishment of the first post office in 1890 and the construction of the New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad in 1910.
  • The town's economy thrives on industries like agriculture, retail trade, education, healthcare, and construction, ensuring a resilient employment structure.

Location and Government

Toxey's location in Choctaw County and its mayor/council form of government are defining aspects of the town's structure and organization.

Situated in the southwestern part of Alabama, Toxey benefits from its proximity to natural attractions such as Choctaw National Wildlife Refuge and Old Lock One Park, which draw visitors to the area.

The mayor/council form of government underscores the town's commitment to local governance and community involvement. This system allows for efficient decision-making processes tailored to the town's unique needs and priorities.

Moreover, the local government plays a pivotal role in promoting and preserving Toxey's historical and cultural heritage, ensuring that the town's rich history and local attractions remain central to its identity and appeal.


Incorporated in 1949, the town of Toxey has a rich history shaped by its early development and growth. Notable events in Toxey's history include the establishment of its first post office in 1890 and the construction of the New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad through the area in 1910. This pivotal infrastructure development facilitated the town's expansion and economic prosperity. Toxey's historical landmarks include the Toxey United Methodist Church, built in 1901, and the Toxey Community House, a gathering place for social and cultural events since 1947. Moreover, the Toxey Heritage and Cultural Center serves as a repository of artifacts and documents that chronicle the town's history, fostering a sense of community pride and preservation of heritage.

Notable Events Historical Landmarks Early Development
Establishment of first post office in 1890 Toxey United Methodist Church (1901) New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad (1910)
Construction of New Orleans and Northeastern Railroad in 1910 Toxey Community House (1947) Toxey Heritage and Cultural Center


The population of Toxey, according to 2020 Census estimates, was recorded at 126 residents, with 73.0 percent identifying as white and 27.0 percent as African American.

Over the past few decades, the town has experienced stable population growth, reflecting a gradual increase. This growth has contributed to the racial diversity within the community, with residents from varied cultural backgrounds enriching the town's heritage.

The demographic composition of Toxey signifies a harmonious blend of different ethnicities, fostering a culturally vibrant environment. As the town continues to evolve, its demographic landscape is expected to reflect further diversity, creating a dynamic and inclusive community.

The demographic profile of Toxey underlines a balanced representation of different racial groups, symbolizing the unity within diversity and the town's commitment to embracing multiculturalism.


With a workforce divided among various industrial categories, Toxey demonstrates a diverse employment landscape, contributing to the town's economic stability and growth. The job opportunities in Toxey are spread across different sectors, including agriculture, retail trade, education, healthcare, construction, professional services, and more. This diversified employment structure not only provides a wide range of job opportunities for the town's residents but also ensures a more resilient economy. The presence of job opportunities in various sectors fosters economic growth and stability in Toxey, allowing the town to thrive despite its small size. Below is a breakdown of the distribution of the workforce across different industrial categories in Toxey:

Industrial Category Percentage
Agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting, and extraction 26.1%
Retail trade 21.7%
Educational services and healthcare and social assistance 19.6%
Other services, except public administration 10.9%

This diverse employment landscape not only provides job opportunities but also contributes to the overall economic growth of Toxey.

Education and Transportation

Toxey's diverse employment landscape not only contributes to economic growth but also impacts its education and transportation infrastructure, which are vital for the town's development and connectivity.

In terms of education, Toxey does not have public schools, and students attend Choctaw County schools. Additionally, Coastal Alabama Community College maintains a nearby campus in Gilbertown, providing educational opportunities for the town's residents.

In relation to transportation, accessibility is facilitated by State Route 17, running north-south through the town, and County Road 9, running east-west. However, public transportation options are limited, which could pose a challenge for some residents.

Enhancing public transportation services could improve accessibility to schools and other essential facilities, contributing to the overall development and connectivity of Toxey.

Population and Ethnicity

Having recorded a population of 126, Toxey demonstrates a diverse demographic composition, with 73.0 percent identifying as white and 27.0 percent as African American.

While the population size remains small, Toxey has seen steady growth, attributed to a combination of factors such as the town's close-knit community, affordable cost of living, and the peaceful rural setting.

The cultural diversity within the town enriches the community fabric, contributing to a blend of traditions, perspectives, and experiences. This diversity is reflected in various aspects of community life, including local events, cuisine, and celebrations.

As Toxey continues to experience population growth, the town remains committed to embracing and celebrating its cultural diversity, recognizing the value and strength it brings to the community.

Workforce Distribution

The workforce distribution in Toxey, a small town with a population of 126, is divided among various industrial categories, as reported by the 2020 Census estimates. The distribution is as follows:

  • Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, and extraction (26.1 percent)
  • Retail trade (21.7 percent)
  • Educational services and health care and social assistance (19.6 percent)
  • Other services, except public administration (10.9 percent)

Toxey's workforce diversity reflects a range of industries, indicating a balanced economic structure. The town's reliance on agriculture and retail is complemented by a significant presence in educational and healthcare services, showcasing a well-rounded economy.

The economic impact of this diverse workforce is vital for the town's sustainability and growth.

Educational Facilities

A variety of educational facilities cater to the needs of students in Toxey and its surrounding areas. Students in Toxey attend Choctaw County schools, providing them with diverse school options. Additionally, Coastal Alabama Community College offers college opportunities with a nearby campus in Gilbertown. The college campus provides students with access to higher education without having to travel far from their hometown. This allows students to pursue their academic goals while remaining close to their community. The table below provides an overview of the educational facilities available in Toxey and its surrounding areas.

Educational Facility Location Offerings
Choctaw County schools Toxey K-12 education
Coastal Alabama Community College Gilbertown Associate degree programs, workforce training, and continuing education

This comprehensive range of educational institutions ensures that students in Toxey have access to quality education at both the K-12 and college levels.

Transportation Infrastructure

Toxey's transportation infrastructure includes State Route 17, running north-south through the town, and County Road 9, running east-west, providing essential connectivity for residents and businesses in the area.

  • Improvements: The Alabama Department of Transportation has recently allocated funds for the improvement of State Route 17, aiming to enhance safety and traffic flow.
  • Connectivity: The road network facilitates efficient access to neighboring towns and cities, fostering economic interactions and regional development.
  • Public Transportation: Toxey benefits from a reliable public transportation system, with regular bus services connecting the town to key regional hubs.
  • Future Expansion: Plans are underway to expand County Road 9 to accommodate increased traffic and support the growing transportation needs of the community.

Toxey's transportation infrastructure plays a pivotal role in sustaining the town's economic vitality and ensuring seamless connectivity for its residents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Main Attractions or Points of Interest in Toxey?

Toxey, a small town in Choctaw County, offers a rich tapestry of local landmarks and historic sites, showcasing the town's cultural traditions. Community events and economic development initiatives contribute to its vibrant atmosphere, while neighboring towns provide additional points of interest.

How Has the Town Changed and Developed Since Its Incorporation in 1949?

Since its incorporation in 1949, Toxey has experienced significant industrialization, leading to a shift in demographics and population growth. The town's workforce is diversified across agriculture, retail, education, health care, and other services, impacting its development.

What Are the Main Challenges and Opportunities for Economic Growth in Toxey?

The main challenges and opportunities for economic growth in Toxey include infrastructure development, workforce availability, entrepreneurship opportunities, and tourism potential. Strategic investment in infrastructure, workforce training, and promoting local entrepreneurship can enhance economic prospects, while highlighting the town's historical and natural attractions can unlock tourism potential.

Are There Any Notable Cultural or Community Events or Traditions in Toxey?

Toxey, despite its modest size, boasts vibrant community festivals and cherished local traditions. Residents eagerly participate in events like the Toxey Days celebration, showcasing the town's rich cultural heritage and fostering a strong sense of community.

How Does Toxey's Location in Choctaw County Impact Its Relationship With Neighboring Towns and Communities?

Toxey's location in Choctaw County impacts its relationship with neighboring towns and communities through its geographic connections and community relations. State Route 17 and County Road 9 facilitate transportation and facilitate economic and social ties.


In conclusion, the town of Toxey, with its rich history and diverse economy, stands as a testament to the resilience and community spirit of rural towns.

Its accessible location and reliance on neighboring educational institutions contribute to its thriving nature.

Despite its small population and size, Toxey remains a noteworthy example of a town with a fascinating heritage, making it a unique and vibrant part of Choctaw County.

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What are the demographics of Toxey Alabama?

White individuals make up 64.67% of the population, while Black or African American individuals make up 34.67%. A small 0.67% of the population is made up of individuals with two or more races.

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