Spider Man 2: Unraveling the Best PS5 Pre-Order Deals

Spider Man 2: With the highly anticipated release of Spider-Man 2 on October 20, 2023, PlayStation 5 gamers are eager to swing, leap, and glide around the iconic city of NYC, including Brooklyn and Queens, as both Miles Morales and Peter Parker. The sequel promises an engaging narrative that challenges our beloved superheroes not just in their crime-fighting endeavors but also as individuals grappling with their human side.

Marvel enthusiasts have three editions to choose from: the Standard Edition, the Digital Deluxe Edition, and the Limited Collector’s Edition. While the Digital Deluxe Edition, available on PSN, grants players +2 Skill Points and a collection of fantastic outfits for both Peter and Miles, CD Keys offers a more affordable option with its PSN Wallet Credit.

For ardent collectors, the Limited Collector’s Edition is an alluring choice. It comes with the Digital Deluxe Edition, a sturdy steel display box, and an impressive 19-inch figurine, sure to make any Spider-Man fan’s heart race with excitement.

Pre-order incentives add even more appeal to securing Spider-Man 2 ahead of its launch. GAME entices fans with a Spider-Bot necklace and a thrilling comic book. Meanwhile, those who pre-order the game itself will be rewarded with the Arachknight and Shadow-Spider attire, three unique color variations, a versatile Web Grabber tool, and an extra +3 Skill Points.

In the quest to find the best PS5 Spider-Man 2 pre-order deals, keen shoppers have discovered some budget-friendly options. Hit stands out as the cheapest option at £61.85, with Amazon following closely at £62.99. Other noteworthy contenders include The Game Collection at £64.95, ShopTo at £65.85, and GAME at £69.99, all including valuable pre-order goodies.

For players yearning for the Digital Deluxe Edition, the PlayStation Store offers it at £79.99, while the Standard Edition is priced at £69.99. Savvy shoppers may find cost-effective solutions through PlayStation Store cards, which often prove to be more affordable than direct digital download coupons from PSN.


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Those seeking PlayStation Store credit have found reliable sources at ShopTo and CD Keys, ensuring they are well-equipped for the adventure that awaits in Spider-Man 2.

The excitement extends beyond the game itself, as Sony presents a remarkable Spider-Man 2 bundle that combines a PlayStation 5 with the game. The bundle showcases Venom’s distinctive crimson and spider emblems on both the system cover and controller. For those interested, Very and the PlayStation Store offer the bundle at £569.99 while supplies last.

Additionally, PS5 owners have the option to customize their gaming experience with Spider-Man 2 side panels. The PlayStation Store has Disc Edition and Digital Edition Console Covers available for £54.99, providing a unique touch to their gaming setup.

For true enthusiasts who crave more content and features, the PlayStation Store’s Spider-Man 2 Collector’s Edition, priced at £219.99, delivers a comprehensive package that promises hours of thrilling gameplay and immersive storytelling.

As the release date draws near, fans eagerly anticipate the opportunity to embark on a spectacular journey as their favorite web-slinging heroes. Whether exploring the standard edition or indulging in the deluxe and collector’s editions, the world of Spider-Man 2 awaits with excitement and wonder, ready to be embraced by avid gamers and comic book aficionados alike.

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