California White Nationalist Arrest: Disturbing Array of Drugs and Firearms Uncovered

California White Nationalist Arrest: Authorities in California apprehended individuals associated with white nationalism, uncovering a disturbing array of illegal drugs and firearms. Among those arrested was Ryan Scott Bradford, who was found in possession of ammunition, cocaine, materials to modify semi-automatic firearms into fully automatic ones, and disturbing Nazi literature, all discovered in his suitcase.

On Thursday, a man from Southern California was detained in Los Angeles on charges of firearms and narcotics possession. Subsequently, the Los Angeles U.S. Attorney’s Office imposed a prohibition on 34-year-old Ryan Scott Bradford from owning firearms.

The prosecutor’s office revealed that Bradford had utilized a 3D printer to create firearms, raising concerns about unregulated and potentially dangerous homemade weaponry. Furthermore, he had engaged in offensive online remarks targeting the Jewish community, leading to a police visit to his residence on Thursday.

While Bradford had a criminal record, authorities suspect his involvement in narcotics distribution and unlawful possession of firearms. Martin Estrada, a government employee, made a significant discovery while constructing firearms—a homemade explosive device—prompting further investigations to assess the potential impact on the region.

Bradford is believed to have connections with the San Fernando Valley Peckerwood group, known to perform in various California bars. The U.S. Attorney’s Office also reported an incident in 2012 where Bradford unlawfully entered a residence without permission.

California White Nationalist Arrest: Disturbing Array of Drugs and Firearms UncoveredA search of Bradford’s house by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) revealed a homemade explosive device and over 100 rounds of ammunition. Shockingly, attorneys discovered two auto sears and five switches, all 3D-printed components capable of enabling rapid firing akin to a machine gun.

Investigators suspect that from 2021 to January 2023, Bradford wrote about Jewish people and 3D-printed firearms, raising serious concerns about potential violent inclinations. The DEA stated that he discussed causing harm to Jews in Telegram groups, including “White Lives Matter USA California” and “14 Words,” during 2022.

As the case unfolds, uncertainty remains among Bradford’s legal representatives. If convicted, he could potentially face a 20-year sentence for the drug charge and 15 years for the illegal possession of firearms. This alarming discovery underscores the ongoing efforts to address potential threats posed by individuals associated with white nationalism and illicit activities involving firearms and narcotics.

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