Senator Tuberville Calls Out on Guns and Immigrants

Senator Tuberville Calls Out: Down here in Alabama, Sen. Tommy Tuberville didn’t hold back, calling’ out Democrats for what he sees as their double standard on guns. He reckons that Senators Durbin and Schumer, who talk a big game against assault weapons, are also pushing’ to let undocumented folks serve in the military.

On the Senate floor, Tuberville said, “Senator Durbin now wants illegal immigrants to serve in the military because we can’t find enough Americans. But they want to turn around and give an offensive weapon to a Chinese, a Russian, or an Iranian who came to this country illegally to protect the American citizen of the United States of America. Have we lost our minds?”

Durbin and Schumer, well, their offices are keeping’ quiet on this one, at least as far as

Tuberville seems to be talkin’ about Durbin supporting a bill from Sen. Tammy Duckworth, his fellow Democrat from Illinois. The bill aims to let DACA recipients, those with temporary protected status, and those with an approved immigrant visa application enlist in the military. Duckworth says it’s to help with the recruiting shortage.

Tuberville ain’t buying’ it, though. He’s raising’ eyebrows, saying’ we’re giving’ weapons to folks from China, Russia, and Iran who came here illegally. Now, that’s a head-scratcher.

But here’s the twist—Tuberville’s claim might be missing’ the mark. The countries he mentioned ain’t on the list for temporary protected status. It’s got folks wondering’ if this is a Southern tale spun out of thin air.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Did Republican senators confront Tommy Tuberville?

Sen. Tommy Tuberville faced backlash from Republican senators on Wednesday evening for his blockade of nearly 400 military officer confirmations. They took control of the Senate floor for over four hours, demanding individual confirmation votes to end the prolonged stalemate.

Did Senate Republican confront Sen Tommy Tuberville over the military freeze?

Graham (S.C.) challenged Tuberville to release his hold for national security, suggesting votes on delayed officer promotions. Tuberville rejected each nominee, causing frustration among his colleagues to grow.

Is Sen Tuberville on hold for the military?

Earlier this month, the Alabama Republican released most of his holds on military nominees. Now, the Senate has unanimously approved the promotions for the service members that were previously delayed by Sen. Tommy Tuberville. This was his way of protesting the Defense Department’s abortion policy.

Did Senate Rules panel votes along party lines to break Tuberville’s military holds?

The Senate Rules panel voted strictly along party lines to override Sen. Tuberville’s military holds. On Tuesday, the Committee advanced a resolution enabling Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to push through over 350 military promotions stalled by Sen. Tuberville.

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