Trump Throws Down on Rivals in Alabama Debate Verdict

Trump Throws Down on Rivals: Down here in Alabama, Donald Trump took to Truth Social after the latest Republican primary throw down to throw some shade at his GOP rivals for the presidential nomination.

With less than two months until the Iowa caucuses, four GOP contenders, trying’ to catch up to Trump, went head-to-head in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Now, Trump may be facing a heap of 91 criminal charges, but he’s still leading the pack in the polls and fundraising. He hopped on Truth Social to spill the sweet tea on Wednesday’s event.

It was the lowest TV audience for a primary debate yet, with only 4 million folks tuning in. That’s a drop from the 7 million in the third debate and a far cry from the 12.8 million in the first.

Newsweek tried to get the GOP rivals to spill the beans, but they’re keeping’ mum. Trump, on the other hand, had plenty to say on Truth Social. He didn’t hold back, calling’ the debate “history’s lowest rated ‘presidential’ debate.”

He took shots at Ron De Sanctimonious, calling’ him out for his bobble head moves and walking’ on eggs. And oh, don’t get him started on Chris Christie. Trump thinks he’s not fit to be President and might be suffering’ from Trump Derangement Syndrome. Ouch!

Vivek Ramaswamy got some love from Trump, though. Trump declared him the winner, sayin’ he thinks Trump is great. As for Nikki Haley, well, Trump called her “birdbrain” and gave her second place.

And let’s not forget Megyn Kelly, the debate moderator. Trump didn’t hold back, calling’ her the night’s biggest loser and wondering’ what happened to her. Some things never change,

But here’s the kicker—the debate didn’t do much for Trump’s rivals. According to 538, Trump’s still sitting’ pretty at 59.3 percent, with DeSantis in second at 12.6 percent and Haley at 11.6 percent. Ramaswamy and Christie? Well, they’re trailing’ behind.

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