Ronald Jones II Suspension: Impact on Dallas Cowboys and Hopes for a Strong Return

Ronald Jones II Suspension: Dallas Cowboys running back Ronald Jones II was suspended for the first two games of the 2018 NFL season for performance-enhancing drugs. The ban begins with the season opener. The NFL’s Monday statement shocked football.

Jones joined the Cowboys and has won two Super Bowls, but he won’t play in their two biggest games this month, against the Giants on September 10 and the Jets on September 17. His absence could affect the club in these crucial games.

Jones can play again after September 18, thus he might return to the Cowboys for their Week 3 game against the Arizona Cardinals on September 24. The bad thing produced this excellent thing. The squad and fans expect his comeback to make a major difference and help them win games.

Despite his suspension, Ronald Jones II can practice and play in preseason games. This will keep him in top form. After his ban, this is crucial.

Jones is 25, yet he’s already a league star. He played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for four seasons before joining the Kansas City Chiefs. Since Jones is a crucial member of the Dallas Cowboys, he may battle for playing time with Tony Pollard, Deuce Vaughn, and Malik Davis, who is in his second year as a backup. This will aid Jones’s starting

Ronald Jones II hoped to make a huge impact in his first season with the Cowboys and would have been able to if he hadn’t been suspended. However, even the best sportsmen must face the consequences of their conduct, thus following league rules is crucial.

To maintain the game’s integrity, the NFL maintains severe restrictions. Drugs can offer athletes an unfair advantage, throw them off their game, and damage the sport’s reputation. The league takes rule violations seriously and will take action.

Jones’s suspension teaches players to be careful about what they eat and know everything about the medications they use. Players should consult with their teams’ medical staffs on the NFL’s anti-doping laws.


The punishment will disappoint Jones and his followers, but it will give other Cowboys players an opportunity to shine. Without Jones, the club will have to rely on its depth and teamwork to win every NFL game.

Ronald Jones II and the Dallas Cowboys will dominate the season. Fans are delighted to see him return because they think he will help the team win. People will focus on the forthcoming games and the players who will compensate for his departure.

The Cowboys must be strong and versatile to survive the early portion of the NFL season sans Jones. Jones must utilize this experience to encourage him to return stronger and more motivated. Only time will tell how this ban will influence his career and the Dallas Cowboys.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Why did the Cowboys release Ronald Jones?

The Dallas Cowboys have let go of running back Ronald Jones following his two-game suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs. Jones was eligible to rejoin the team on Monday, but the Cowboys made the decision to release him.

What happened to Ronald Jones football player?

The Dallas Cowboys have parted ways with Ronald Jones, a two-time Super Bowl winner who joined the team in 2023 free agency after the club’s decision to part ways with Ezekiel Elliott.

What Dallas Cowboy is suspended?

Cowboys’ defensive end Randy Gregory hit with indefinite suspension from NFL, per NFL Network’s Taylor Bisciotti.

How much did the Cowboys pay Ronald Jones?

Now, with Tony Pollard leading the team to a 2-0 start and other running backs providing solid support, the Cowboys have decided to let Jones go. Jones had signed a one-year, $1.2 million contract.

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