Pascagoula Officially Designated World War II Heritage City

Pascagoula Officially Designated World War II Heritage: On Singing River Island, the heartbeat of Pascagoula, a historic moment unfolded as the city was officially declared a World War II Heritage City.

The event drew WWII veterans, active-duty heroes, and city dignitaries, including the likes of Louis Casebonne, a proud Army veteran of WWII and the Korean War. In his own words, witnessing this day was nothing short of remarkable. “It’s a great occasion,” he shared, “I’m really proud to be here amongst a generation who served.”

For Casebonne, whose military service spanned challenging times, his wife became his beacon of positivity. “I served in Germany and I married a war bride, so I didn’t miss too much at home,” he quipped.

Another distinguished Army veteran, Arthur Jones, reflected on his 24 years of service, acknowledging the honor of standing alongside those who fought in WWII. “The designation that the World War II veterans have of being the greatest generation was well deserved and earned,” Jones remarked. He hopes today’s active-duty personnel will view their service with the same sense of pride.

“They have opportunities that didn’t exist back then, so I think it’s a great opportunity for the young people today,” Jones added, a sentiment echoed by Casebonne. “They have a lot of new programs and everything that offers them a great life.”

While recognizing the differences between military life then and now, both Casebonne and Jones emphasize the enduring common goal—to serve our country.

Pascagoula earned its WWII Heritage City status due to the significant shipbuilding contributions during WWII, a legacy that continues to shape its powerhouse presence today.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What is Pascagoula Mississippi known for?

The shipping and maritime industry in Pascagoula continues to thrive, attracting nations from around the world for trade, shipbuilding, and ship purchases. Pascagoula is proud to be the location of the state’s biggest employer, Huntington Ingalls Shipbuilding.

How did ww2 affect Mississippi?

From 1940 to 1945, Mississippi saw a 26 percent drop in its farm population, with nearly 10 percent fewer farms. The war years saw 30 percent of white tenants and 14 percent of black tenants leaving farms, with the majority of those leaving being younger than thirty-five.

What is the positive influence of World War II on Mississippi’s economy?

During the war years, the Mississippi economy experienced a significant upswing due to the creation of military camps. A total of thirty-six installations were scattered across the state, bringing in one million individuals from various parts of the United States. This influx of people and resources contributed greatly to the state’s economic growth and development during that time.

Why was World War 2 an economic boom for Mississippi?

WWII brought economic prosperity to Mississippi due to its favorable climate for training fields, a critical necessity for the war. This created a strong economic foundation that continues to thrive in the state to this day.

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