Moulton celebrated Veterans Day Parade

Moulton celebrated Veterans Day Parade: Last night, Moulton finally got to enjoy its Veterans Day Parade, after weather shuffled the schedule. But let me tell you, the delay didn’t dim the patriotic spirit one bit.

At 6 p.m., downtown Moulton burst into a sea of red, white, and blue, as the parade kicked off. Leading the way was Grand Marshal Kenneth Smith, a proud veteran of the United States Air Force. Riding alongside his daughter, Ann Britnell, in a parade carriage, they showcased the true essence of service.

Stanley Johnson, one of the organizers, emphasized that the parade isn’t just a celebration; it’s a living tribute to the sacrifices veterans make. “The glow on their faces when they feel the love from the community—it creates this cycle,” he said.

The parade route was packed with hundreds of residents and visitors, a mix of Lawrence County locals and folks who traveled to join the festivities. From the Lawrence County High School marching band to the Hazlewood Lyrical Dance Team, the parade featured a vibrant lineup, including churches, the local Trail Life Troop, and Lawrence County High School’s ROTC.

Johnson shared the heartwarming effort of the community, providing gifts and treats for local veterans. The Butterstick Bakery and Bistro, run by Susan Steele and Heather Hutto, baked goods and pastries, adding a sweet touch to the gratitude.

The Lawrence County High School Cross Country team not only marched but distributed heartfelt “thank you” cards handmade by school children across the county. Phil Terry, Commander of American Legion Post #25, noted the overwhelming response, saying, “It’s amazing, and a lot of them will bring a tear to your eye. You know it’s coming from the heart.”

Fire departments across the county rallied in support, and the Moulton Police Department did a stellar job ensuring the parade route went off without a hitch.

Moulton celebrated Veterans Day Parade

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The American Legion Auxiliary, a force of support for veterans, rode proudly, reflecting the ongoing dedication to serving those who served.

Looking ahead, Johnson hopes this annual celebration of veterans grows, becoming a year-round partnership with schools. “I hope we can continue to partner with the schools, and the kids can learn more about our veterans,” he shared.

It’s moments like these that make you appreciate the strong community spirit that defines Alabama.

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