New Gulf Shores Eco Center Facility: Receives $13.4M

New Gulf Shores Eco Center Facility: “Gulf Shores, a prime spot for beach homes and snowbirds, also boasts a thriving natural environment. The Gulf Shores Center for Ecotourism & Sustainability, in collaboration with the city, aims to enhance ecotourism and sustainability.

In a significant development, the City of Gulf Shores secured $13.4M in funding for the expansive Eco Center project. Let’s dive into the details.”

About the Gulf Coast Eco Center

“The upcoming Gulf Coast Eco Center is set to be a cutting-edge facility with versatile functions. Upon completion, expect the center to include:”

  • Farm + garden complex
  • Art center
  • Habitat restoration demonstrations
  • Bicycle hub
  • Wetland lab
  • Event space
  • Challenge course

“Anticipated to open its doors in the summer of 2024, this initiative will accommodate youth camps, field studies, public classes, workshops, and recreational programs for both residents and visitors.”

The $13.4M grant

On November 6, 2023, the City of Gulf Shores proudly announced the acquisition of $13.4M in RESTORE funding from the Alabama Gulf Coast Recovery Council. This funding will facilitate the design and construction of the Gulf Coast Eco Center, a groundbreaking project situated on city-owned land adjacent to Gulf State Park and Gulf Shores City Schools.

This visionary initiative will be a collective effort involving Gulf Shores City Schools, Gulf State Park, Valor Hospitality, Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism, research universities, environmental education groups, industry partners, and local business groups. The Gulf Coast Center for Ecotourism & Sustainability, a non-profit established in 2018, plays a pivotal role in driving this project forward.

The upcoming Gulf Coast Eco Center aligns with the Vision 2025 plan, a strategic roadmap crafted by Gulf Shores following the 2010 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill.”

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