LSU Jayden Daniels AP College Football Player of the Year: A True Tiger Triumph

LSU Jayden Daniels AP College Football Player: In the heart of Baton Rouge, LSU’s own Jayden Daniels is crowned as The Associated Press college football player of the year, securing a proud moment for the Tigers, marking their second triumph in five seasons.

Receiving a resounding 35 out of 51 first-place votes and a total of 130 points from the AP Top 25 poll voters, Daniels, a Heisman Trophy finalist, comfortably outshone Washington quarterback Michael Penix, who claimed second place with 15 first-place votes and 97 points.

The Heisman race includes other notable contenders like Oregon’s Bo Nix, Ohio State’s Marvin Harrison, and Oklahoma State’s Ollie Gordon II. Nix even snagged the sole remaining first-place vote. Surprisingly, USC quarterback Caleb Williams, last year’s Heisman winner and the 2022 AP Player of the Year, didn’t garner any votes this season.

The grand stage for the Heisman unfolds in New York this Saturday, featuring Daniels, Penix, Nix, and Harrison. Interestingly, the AP Player of the Year and Heisman winner have diverged only twice in the last two decades.

The echoes of LSU’s glory in the AP Player of the Year were last heard in 2019 when Joe Burrow clinched both titles. Now, the spotlight turns to Jayden Daniels, a San Bernardino native who made his mark by leading the nation in total offense with an impressive 4,946 yards across 12 games, averaging 412.2 yards per game.

In the air, Daniels soared with 3,812 passing yards, ranking third nationally. His 40 passing touchdowns put him on par with Nix, who played one more game. Adding to his prowess, the 6-foot-4, 210-pound quarterback rushed for 1,134 yards and 10 touchdowns, tallying an extraordinary 50 touchdowns combined, making him responsible for a nation-high 302 points.

LSU Jayden Daniels AP College Football Player

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Dubbed “Smooth” during his youth for his deceptive speed, Daniels showcased his multifaceted skills during a memorable victory over Florida. In that game, he became the first FBS quarterback to pass for over 350 yards and rush for over 200.

LSU coach Brian Kelly lauds Daniels for his unique ability to navigate the field, emphasizing his speed, durability, and toughness, placing him among the football greats. Daniels’ elusive style was evident in touchdowns like the 85 and 51-yard runs against Florida, where instincts guided his path.

Yet, Daniels’ approach comes with its challenges, emphasizing the premium placed on toughness. A notable hit at Missouri briefly sidelined him with a rib injury, but his high pain tolerance saw him return, leading LSU to a comeback victory, showcasing a 35-yard scoring run.

Despite a setback against Alabama that kept LSU out of SEC title contention, Daniels remains resilient, emphasizing the impact of his team. From the offensive line to running backs and pass-catchers, Daniels ensures they are acknowledged, underscoring the collective effort that brought him to this pinnacle of individual recognition.

For Jayden Daniels, it’s not just an award; it’s a testament to the shared journey of LSU’s football family.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Why did Jayden Daniels transfer to LSU?

“ASU was great, but now at LSU I can really show off my skills on a big stage,” Daniels expressed. “Not many folks back home can watch our games, so being here and competing at such a high level with all these amazing players and resources is really exciting for me.”

Did JT Daniels graduate from college?

Jayden Daniels, standing at 6 feet 4 inches and weighing 210 pounds, is now part of the LSU Tigers as No. 5. Prior to joining LSU in 2022, he had a successful college career at Arizona State from 2019 to 2021.

How big is Jayden Daniels LSU quarterback?

Only once in the last twenty years has the winner of the AP award not been the same as the Heisman winner. Joe Burrow, the most recent LSU player to win the AP Player of the Year award in 2019, also took home the Heisman that year.


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