Coach K Joins Chorus of Disapproval: as Florida State in College Football Playoff Selection

Coach K Joins Chorus of Disapproval: Mike Krzyzewski ain’t thrilled that Florida State got snubbed for the College Football Playoff.

The college football scene was on the edge of rebellion this past Sunday when the undefeated 13-0 Seminoles got passed over for the 12-1 Alabama.

Despite their perfect record and conquering a P5 conference, the injury to QB Jordan Travis seemed to render the Seminoles’ entire season meaningless.

It’s a decision that many find indefensible. Since the announcement, more and more voices have joined the chorus of dissatisfaction. Now, Coach K has added his voice to the protest.

“The committee got it wrong. What they did to Florida State was wrong. I can’t believe the coaches in that room let this happen,” exclaimed the legendary former Duke coach, sharing his disapproval of FSU being left out of the CFP field.

If you were on social media last Sunday, you’d know many people agree with Coach K.

Coach K Joins Chorus of Disapproval

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It’s just mind-boggling that a team can go 13-0, triumph over the SEC in two non-conference games, secure a P5 conference victory, and still get left out in favor of 12-1 Alabama.

Sure, Jordan Travis being sidelined affects the team, but the Seminoles won every single game they played this year. I recall a few years back when Florida State clinched a national title with a third-string QB.

Coach K, in my humble opinion, is spot on when he expresses disbelief that anyone with coaching experience on the committee let this snub happen. What’s the point of the regular season if going undefeated doesn’t count?

We’re still weeks away from the CFP kickoff, and without a doubt, more people will express their frustration with the 13-0 FSU getting sidelined. Coach K, a man with six rings, adds significant weight to the list of those backing FSU. Unfortunately for the Seminoles, he doesn’t possess a magic wand to undo the committee’s decision. Everyone is stuck having to swallow a bitter pill.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What condition does Coach K have?

In 1994, Duke’s season suffered a setback when Mike Krzyzewski had to undergo surgery for a back injury. Five years later, he had to have his left hip replaced in another surgical procedure. On top of that, he also deals with osteoarthritis, a chronic joint condition.

What happened between Coach K and Bobby Knight?

Following Knight and Coach K’s intense showdown in the 1992 national semifinal game, Krzyzewski went over to his mentor for a postgame handshake. Surprised by the defeat, Knight responded with a chilly handshake and exchanged few words with Coach K. This encounter deeply affected Coach K, and their relationship was forever altered.

Who is Coach K in the bear?

The ex-Duke basketball coach, also known as Coach K, unexpectedly appeared in the second season of Hulu’s cooking drama. Chef Sydney, portrayed by Ayo Edebiri, discovered motivation in Coach K’s book, “Leading With the Heart: Successful Strategies for Basketball, Business and Life,” despite being unaware of who he was.

Does Coach K swear a lot?

Coach K was fluent in the language as well. He remained unbiased, no matter how famous an NBA star stood before him. Much like Hill, Team USA players experienced first-hand Coach K’s use of curse words and profanity. Jason Kidd remembered the first time it occurred and confessed that it left a strong impression on him.

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