Alabama Attorney General Hosts: 24th Annual Law Enforcement Summit

Alabama Attorney General Hosts: On Tuesday, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall (R) gathered law enforcement and attorneys from across the state for the 24th Annual Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Summit at the Church of the Highlands in Montgomery. The summit, held as a part of continuing education, provided valuable training for these professionals.

This year’s summit featured insights from experts involved in the nationally recognized Murdaugh murder case in South Carolina. Attendees also received training on the Alabama Criminal Enterprise Prevention Act, a crucial tool in the state’s legal arsenal. The event included a poignant memorial to honor fallen officers who made the ultimate sacrifice.

Attorney General Marshall emphasized the ongoing commitment to equip law enforcement with the necessary training, resources, and tools. He recognized the daily sacrifices made by the men and women in blue and highlighted the importance of collaboration among law enforcement professionals from different parts of the state.

The summit spotlighted the successful legislative session where Attorney General Marshall collaborated with the Alabama legislature to address what he deemed as critical flaws in the criminal justice system. The keynote speaker, Dr. Kenneth Kinsey, Chief Deputy for the Orangeburg County Sheriff’s Office, shared insights into the Murdaugh murder trial and conviction in South Carolina.

In between training sessions, Marshall led a memorial for three fallen officers who lost their lives in the line of duty last year. The honored officers were Huntsville Police Officer Garrett Crumby, Alabama Port Authority Police Officer Kimberly Sickafoose, and Montgomery Police Department Officer Carlos Taylor.

Alabama Attorney General Hosts

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The tribute remembered Officer Crumby, who was fatally shot on March 28, 2023, while responding to a call. Officer Sickafoose lost her life on May 11, 2023, when her patrol truck submerged in the Mobile River. Officer Taylor succumbed to injuries from a 2017 on-duty vehicle crash on June 30, 2023.

Attorney General Marshall acknowledged the deep commitment of Alabama’s law enforcement community, describing it as a family. The summit, beyond its training purpose, served as a platform for fellowship and a solemn opportunity to honor and remember colleagues who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty. Marshall’s background as a long-time district attorney and his dedication to the law enforcement community was evident throughout the event.

Our Reader’s Queries

Who is the Republican Attorney General of Alabama?

Steve Marshall officially became the forty-eighth Attorney General of Alabama on February 10, 2017. He studied at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for his undergraduate degree, and then attended the University of Alabama School of Law where he graduated with honors.

How many terms can the Attorney General of Alabama serve?

The Alabama Constitution of 2022, in Article V, Section 116, specifies that the Attorney General must be elected every four years and can serve for a maximum of two terms in office.

Who is the attorney for the State of Alabama?

Alabama’s top legal enforcer, Attorney General Steve Marshall, can be found on Twitter using his official account. As the state’s highest-ranking law official, he is dedicated to upholding justice for all.

What are the requirements to be the Attorney General of Alabama?

The requirements for the position of attorney general are outlined in Article V, Section 132 of the state constitution. To be eligible, candidates must be a U.S. citizen for seven years, a resident of Alabama for five years, and at least 25 years old.