Attorney General Marshall Honors: Fallen Law Enforcement Heroes in Alabama Memorial

Attorney General Marshall Honors: Attorney General Steve Marshal hosted a solemn memorial during the 24th Annual Attorney General’s Law Enforcement Summit to honor three fallen Alabama law enforcement officers who gave their lives in the line of duty last year.

The memorial paid tribute to Huntsville Police Officer Garrett Crumby, Alabama Port Authority Police Officer Kimberly Sickafoose, and Montgomery Police Department Officer Carlos Taylor.

Marshal led the ceremony, featuring a poignant bagpipe rendition of Amazing Grace echoing through the halls of the Church of the Highlands building where the summit took place. The memorial instilled a somber silence, with some attendees openly shedding tears.

Post-ceremony, Marshal shared insights on the significance of the summit for Alabama law enforcement and his experiences in supporting the families of fallen officers.

“As the attorney general, it’s crucial for me to ensure that we pause during training to honor our fallen officers,” Marshal emphasized. “It’s a significant loss for communities across our state.”

He stressed the importance of recognizing and understanding the sacrifices made by those who permit their family members to work in the perilous profession of law enforcement. Marshal highlighted the ongoing need to uplift and support these families when they face the loss of a loved one.

The summit provided continuing education training for law enforcement and attorneys statewide. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from experts involved in the highly publicized Murdaugh murder case in South Carolina. Additionally, they received training on the recently implemented Alabama Criminal Enterprise Prevention Act, introducing enhanced penalties for individuals engaged in criminal enterprises.

Attorney General Marshall Honors

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The summit also covered training on other recently enacted state laws impacting crime and policing. One notable law, The Deputy Brad Johnson Act, amended the state’s correctional incentive time laws, commonly known as “good time laws.” This amendment allows inmates to accrue time off based on their classification and time served. The legislation was named in honor of Deputy Brad Johnson, a slain officer killed in 2022 by a released inmate with a history of criminal activities, including a prison escape.

Marshal expressed enthusiasm about the positive feedback from law enforcement regarding the tools acquired in the recent legislative session. He highlighted the impact of the Criminal Enterprise Act in addressing gang violence, establishing minimum service times, and implementing mandatory minimums for gun crimes. The tragic loss of Deputy Brad Johnson served as a catalyst for rectifying issues with the good time law, showcasing the commitment to positive change in the aftermath of such events.