Bar Zeev Yadin : A Hero Odyssey from San Antonio to Israel

Bar Zeev Yadin: Bar Ze’ev Yadin is standing in the middle of Israel, very far from his home in San Antonio. He has his uniform sleeves rolled up and is ready for war.

The boy’s father, Reuben Bar Yadin, told everyone he would be late on Sunday night and painted a picture of staunch determination. While Reuben kept his cool and paying attention, Ze’ev said, “His spirits are elevated.”

Even though Ze’ev is only 28, he has served his country for a long time. He spent three years in the Israel Defense Forces. The boy’s father, Reuben, talks about how the current situation in their home country of Israel is very personal. He clarified the attackers’ bad intentions by saying, “They came to attack civilians.” “They came to attack Israel.”

Ze’ev made the terrible decision to go to Israel on a wretched Saturday because he felt he had to and strongly believed his place was there. Reuben said of his son’s unwavering commitment to the cause, “He had a very, very strong sense of duty that his place is there.”

Even though Ze’ev’s mother and pregnant wife are having a hard time with the effects of his choice, Reuben Bar Yadin stresses how great the sacrifice was. He only says to show his happiness, “I am extremely proud of him,” but he does it with a genuine smile.

Other people besides the younger Bar Yadin feel this strong sense of duty. In this conversation, Reuben talks about his plans to leave for a trip to Israel in a few weeks. Despite the bad things happening, he stubbornly rejects any thoughts of cancelling. “Hell no, why would I cancel?” is his logical answer. “I feel a need to be there.”

Reuben shows his most profound support by letting his child know that he is not the only one doing something nice. Because they care about the same cause, another person from San Antonio has offered to stand with him. As Reuben put it, “I think San Antonio is well-represented.”

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