WAFF 48 Teams Up with Food Bank: 31st Annual Can-A-Thon Support Tennessee Valley Families

WAFF 48 Teams Up with Food Bank: HUNTSVILLE, Ala. WAFF 48 News is teaming up with the Food Bank of North Alabama (FBNA) to support families in the Tennessee Valley through the 31st annual Can-A-Thon.

Shirley Schofield, CEO of FBNA, notes that the Can-A-Thon has arrived at the perfect time as they are in urgent need of donations. The organization requires double the donations compared to last year due to the heightened demand. The food is flying off the shelves almost as swiftly as it arrives, serving a diverse range of families, with approximately 70% of clients working full-time.

Schofield points out the current challenges, stating, “I think right now what a lot of us are seeing is a very high cost of food when you go to the grocery store. There’s a lot of cost of transportation, and also housing has gone up tremendously—everyone’s rent or mortgages. So, I think it’s the perfect storm of expenses that people are seeing right now.”

Donations of canned food, packaged items, and diapers are accepted at most Wal-Marts in north Alabama. Additionally, you can contribute your time to this cause.

Diedra Bigham, a dedicated FBNA volunteer for the past four years, encourages more people to join in. She emphasizes the need for assistance in sorting, inspecting, and boxing up the tons of cans and dry goods to be distributed to the community. Bigham expresses, “This is a great place. We always have fun here. It’s a mindset to just come and have a good time and know that you are making a difference in your community.”

Volunteers are welcome to help at the warehouse from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, located at 2000 Vernon Ave., Huntsville, AL.

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