US Soccer Fans Unite: Cheering USNWT at Women World Cup

US Soccer Fans Unite: Cheering on the USNWT at Women World Cup

American soccer fans from coast to coast have traveled to Australia and New Zealand to cheer on the US National Women’s Team (USNWT) as they seek a historic “threepeat” in the Women’s World Cup. Jessica Malone, a Philadelphia geologist, has attended soccer games in 19 countries, including her fourth World Cup.

Attending international soccer matches is more than just a hobby for Malone; it’s a way to learn about other cultures. She enjoys “ground hopping” in different countries. However, Malone notes that her presence as a female fan in these matches is still uncommon, especially at men’s soccer tournaments, where she’s often asked why she’s there alone. However, she feels more at home in women’s tournaments.

After watching the 1999 Women’s World Cup in the US, her love for the “beautiful game” grew. Since 2018, she has attended every Women’s World Cup.

Malone is not the only American fan supporting the USWNT. The Morelands from Bethesda, Maryland, have followed the team since the 2015 World Cup in Canada. As the USWNT seeks another title, they are eager to see how seasoned players interact with newcomers.

US Soccer Fans Unite: Cheering on the USNWT at Women World Cup

Adam and his wife and two daughters, including 12-year-old soccer fan Cate, are in Auckland from Austin, Texas. Eight years ago, Cate started playing soccer, sparking the family’s interest. Since then, they have attended many games and this is their second Women’s World Cup. It’s been a thrilling family vacation thanks to the tournament’s excitement and Australia and New Zealand’s beauty.

Elanor and Katrina, another Sacramento mother-daughter pair, are excited for the tournament. They attended the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France and want to see how the teams have improved. Women’s soccer is becoming more competitive, like men’s soccer.

American fans’ dedication and enthusiasm show the team’s enduring popularity and the growing global appreciation for women’s soccer. With fans like Jessica Malone, the Women’s World Cup inspires and unites people from different cultures.


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