Urban Meyer Analyzes College Football Playoff Selection: Florida State Got Unlucky

Urban Meyer Analyzes College Football Playoff: Urban Meyer, a seasoned figure in college football, has spent the week contemplating the College Football Playoff field, particularly the exclusion of Florida State. His perspective on the matter is nuanced, acknowledging that the 13-0 Seminoles got a raw deal, partially due to an unfortunate injury at a crucial moment.

While Meyer recognizes that Florida State “got screwed,” he also believes the selection committee made the right decision after closely observing the team without its quarterback. Meyer contends that without their key player, the Seminoles transformed into a different, less formidable team, relying heavily on wildcat formations and displaying a clunky offense.

Drawing a comparison, Meyer contrasts Florida State’s performance with Alabama’s strong showing against Georgia in the SEC Championship Game. The elevated play of teams like Texas, coupled with the fact that Texas holds a head-to-head victory over Alabama, solidified the decision for Meyer.

According to Meyer, the committee made the right call, prioritizing head-to-head matchups and overall team performance. While he acknowledges the imperfections of the system, Meyer, after a thorough review of the tape, believes the committee selected the four best teams, even if it meant Florida State receiving the short end of the stick.

In Meyer’s eyes, the teams that made the cut—Alabama, Georgia, Texas, and another—demonstrated their superiority on the field during championship weekend, justifying their inclusion in the College Football Playoff.

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