University of Alabama Sets Higher Goal for Rising Tide Capital Campaign”

University of Alabama Sets Higher Goal: The University of Alabama recently announced an ambitious new target for its ongoing ‘Rising Tide’ capital campaign, surpassing initial expectations. With the launch of ‘Rising Tide 2.0,’ the university aims to achieve an even greater impact within its community and beyond.

Co-chairs and supporters of the campaign have expressed admiration for the generosity displayed thus far, pointing towards a trajectory of growth and success. As the campaign gains momentum, it is evident that the University of Alabama is setting a higher standard for philanthropic endeavors—capturing the attention of both supporters and observers alike.

University of Alabama Surpasses Initial Fundraising Goal in “Rising Tide” Campaign

The University of Alabama has achieved a significant milestone by surpassing the original fundraising goal of $1.5 billion in its ‘Rising Tide’ capital campaign, well ahead of the September 30, 2026, deadline. Launched in September 2021, the campaign aimed to enhance various aspects of the university, including student scholarships, faculty research, campus facilities, and athletic success. The overwhelming support from alumni and donors has not only allowed UA to meet its initial target but also exceed it, leading to an ambitious increase of 20% to a new goal of $1.8 billion.

This remarkable accomplishment showcases the strong commitment of the university’s community to furthering education and research excellence at UA. The success of the campaign highlights the belief in the institution’s mission and the impact it has on the lives of students, faculty, and the broader community. Surpassing the fundraising goal demonstrates the dedication and generosity of supporters, paving the way for continued growth and success at the University of Alabama.

Rising Tide 2.0″ Aims for Greater Impact

Building on the resounding success of the initial ‘Rising Tide’ campaign, the University of Alabama now sets its sights on achieving an even greater impact with ‘Rising Tide 2.0’. The decision to raise the fundraising goal by $300 million highlights the overwhelming response from more than 160,000 supporters who have contributed to the campaign. The additional funds aim to further boost student scholarships, faculty research, and overall campus improvement. The success of the campaign has already resulted in almost 1,000 new endowed scholarships, 60 faculty endowments, and significant enhancements to campus facilities, totaling over 500,000 square feet.

Key Achievements of ‘Rising Tide 2.0’:

  1. Increase in fundraising goal by $300 million.
  2. Over 160,000 supporters contributing to the campaign.
  3. Focus on boosting student scholarships and faculty research.
  4. Enhancements to campus facilities totaling over 500,000 square feet.

University of Alabama Sets Higher Goal

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Co-Chairs and Supporters Commend Generosity and Growth

Commending the generosity and growth exhibited by co-chairs and supporters, UA’s Vice President for Advancement expressed gratitude for the unexpected success of the campaign. Bob Pierce acknowledged the tremendous response from alumni and donors, emphasizing the vital role their contributions play in supporting the university’s advancement. Co-chairs Karen and Jim Brooks, alongside Kathy and Mike Mouron, have been instrumental in leading the capital campaign, stressing the significance of sustained investments to bolster UA’s enrollment and academic accomplishments.

Role Names Contribution
Co-Chairs Karen and Jim Brooks Leadership and strategic guidance
Co-Chairs Kathy and Mike Mouron Advocacy for continued investments
Supporters Alumni and donors Financial contributions and positive response

Mike Mouron highlighted the campaign’s positive impact on UA, noting substantial growth in enrollment and academic achievements. As the ‘Rising Tide’ initiative gains momentum, the university aims to reach even greater heights with unwavering support from its dedicated community.

News in Brief

The University of Alabama surpasses its initial fundraising goal of $1.5 billion in the ‘Rising Tide’ capital campaign, achieving a remarkable milestone well ahead of the September 30, 2026, deadline. Buoyed by overwhelming support from alumni and donors, the campaign not only meets but exceeds expectations, prompting an ambitious 20% increase to a new goal of $1.8 billion.

Building on this success, the university launches ‘Rising Tide 2.0’ with a heightened goal of $300 million, aiming to amplify the impact on student scholarships, faculty research, and campus enhancements. Co-chairs Karen and Jim Brooks, along with Kathy and Mike Mouron, commend the generosity and growth exhibited, emphasizing sustained investments in UA’s advancement and academic accomplishments.

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