Unconventional Journey of Greg McElroy from Texas Tech Plans to Alabama Glory

Unconventional Journey of Greg McElroy: Before Greg McElroy became a national champion quarterback at Alabama, he had initially committed to play for Mike Leach at Texas Tech. Excited about learning the innovative Air Raid offense, McElroy expected a football-centric conversation during his first meeting with Leach. However, to his surprise, Leach took an unexpected turn.

Rather than discussing football, Leach asked McElroy how many rooms a successful house needs. The conversation delved into the practicalities of building a home, leaving McElroy with no football insights. This unique encounter marked the start of McElroy’s recruitment process with Leach.

Throughout the year and a half of recruitment, Leach never discussed football with McElroy until he decided to decommit and join Alabama. McElroy called Leach to deliver the news, and Leach, known for his quick wit, responded, “Oh, well, have fun throwing it six times a game.” This humorous and unconventional approach highlighted Leach’s distinctive personality and coaching style.

While Leach was posthumously honored with the NFCAA Contributions to College Football Award for his significant impact, McElroy fondly remembered the coach who did things his way and left an enduring legacy.

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