TVA Funds STEM Program in Lawrence County

TVA Funds STEM Program: The recent allocation of funds by TVA to support the STEM program at Lawrence County has sparked significant interest within the educational community.

The injection of $5000 into the initiative at Lawrence County Career Technical Center signifies a significant step towards enhancing the quality of STEM education in the region.

Moreover, the acknowledgment of the achievements of Pam Crumpton, a distinguished Robotics teacher at LCCTC, adds a layer of intrigue to the unfolding narrative.

This partnership between TVA and Lawrence County seems to hold promising prospects, with implications that extend beyond the realm of education.

TVA Grants $5000 STEM Fund to Lawrence County Career Technical Center

The Lawrence County Career Technical Center received a substantial boost in their STEM program with the recent award of a $5000 grant from the Tennessee Valley Authority. Pam Crumpton, the electronics and robotics teacher at LCCTC, accepted the grant on Tuesday, March 12. This marks the second time that Mrs. Crumpton and her robotics class have been honored with a STEM grant from TVA.

The funds will be utilized to purchase additional equipment for student use and to support the cost of trips to robotics competitions, ensuring affordability for all students involved. Mrs. Crumpton, who has been an integral part of the LCCTC faculty since 2019, expressed her gratitude towards TVA for providing these opportunities that enrich the learning experiences of the students.

TVA, as part of its commitment to education, awards 69 STEM grants annually within its business area, ranging from $1000 to $5000. STEM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, plays a crucial role in shaping future innovators and problem solvers.

TVA Funds STEM Program

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Recognition and Achievements for LCCTC Robotics Teacher, Pam Crumpton

Pam Crumpton, the esteemed robotics instructor at Lawrence County Career Technical Center, stands out for her exceptional achievements and dedication in advancing STEM education.

This year, 14 students under Mrs. Crumpton’s guidance will showcase their skills at the Alabama SkillsUSA Skilled and Technical Sciences Contest in Mobile. Competing in the challenging Urban Search and Rescue division, students will demonstrate their proficiency by using a robot with a claw to remove a bomb from a building. Additionally, they will navigate a flying course under time constraints in the Commercial Drone division. Winning either competition would secure their spot in the national SkillsUSA competition in Atlanta.

Mrs. Crumpton’s excellence has garnered national recognition as she’s been selected as one of five robotics teachers invited to compete for the Association for Advancing Automation, A3, Educator of the Year Award in Chicago. This prestigious nomination highlights her outstanding contributions to STEM education, made possible through grants and support from external businesses.

Mrs. Crumpton’s dedication and innovation have not only inspired her students but also earned her well-deserved acclaim in the field.

News in Brief

TVA’s $5000 grant boosts STEM program at Lawrence County Career Technical Center, aiding equipment purchases and competition expenses. Pam Crumpton, renowned robotics teacher, lauded for her achievements. Students set to compete in SkillsUSA contest; Crumpton nominated for A3 Educator of the Year Award. TVA’s commitment to education shines through 69 annual STEM grants.

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