Trump’s Impeachment By McCarthy: A Bold Move

Trump’s Impeachment By McCarthy: DC – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy supported expunging Trump’s two impeachments in a private call with him. McCarthy assured Trump he would discuss the issue with the conference to gauge support, but no vote was promised.

McCarthy’s outreach follows a contentious interview in which the California Republican suggested Trump’s 2024 presidential win but hesitated to endorse him as the strongest candidate. Trump’s advisors and allies were furious, raising questions about McCarthy’s reluctance to support the former president.

McCarthy apologized to Trump for a CNBC misstatement after the controversial interview. The call’s other promises are unknown.

McCarthy denied Politico’s report that he had endorsed expungement to Trump and would vote for it. McCarthy insisted on following committee procedure.

Despite McCarthy’s support, sources say a House vote to expunge Trump’s two impeachments would likely be difficult. Lawmakers may become tense if a resolution fails to pass. Expunging an impeachment is also unprecedented in US history.

Trump's Impeachment By McCarthy

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The House Parliamentarian’s office advises that a resolution to “expunge” Trump’s impeachment has no procedural consequences. A non-binding House resolution expressing House sentiments has been discussed. This method would not expunge the 2019 and 2020 impeachment votes from the Congressional Record.

Trump’s congressional allies, including GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, have strongly urged McCarthy to call for a House vote to expunge both impeachments. Trump said that if McCarthy does his job, they should “expunge both of those crappy impeachments.”

The expungement vote is still being planned. Capitol Hill lawmakers are debating the proposal’s viability. McCarthy supports impeachment expungement, but the process is complicated.

Trump’s staunch supporters argue that expunging the impeachment charges would vindicate the former president. Given the 2024 presidential race and Republican Party divisions, skeptics believe the expungement initiative is politically motivated.

Both expungement proponents and detractors await further developments. Lawmakers, media, and the public will closely monitor the House Speaker’s position as the political landscape changes.


Our Reader’s Queries

Why did the speaker get removed?

Kevin McCarthy, the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, was ousted from his leadership role using a little-known parliamentary tactic. The vote to remove him was 216 to 210, with seven Members abstaining.

Who removed Kevin McCarthy?

On October 3, 2023, the US House of Representatives ousted its speaker, Kevin McCarthy from California, following a motion to remove him filed by Representative Matt Gaetz from Florida, who is also a member of the Republican Party.

How many votes does it take to impeach the President in the Senate?

During presidential impeachment trials, the head justice of the United States oversees the proceedings. The Constitution mandates a two-thirds Senate vote for conviction, leading to the removal of the impeached official from office.


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