Trampolines Collide: SlamBall Where Basketball in Epic Fusion

Trampolines Collide: SlamBall combines basketball’s high-flying action with trampolines’ thrills. This gladiator-like game’s incredible moves and athleticism have gone viral on social media. After two decades, SlamBall is back to entertain fans.

Imagine all-contact basketball, hockey-like substitutions, and American football or rugby-like physicality. SlamBall encapsulated. Four trampolines in front of each basket distinguish the four-on-four game. These trampolines launch players to 20 feet, enabling gravity-defying dunks and acrobatic moves.

SlamBall, a mix of sports, debuted in 2000 and became popular. It even got a TV deal. In the US, SlamBall faded, but younger demographics kept it alive on social media.

SlamBall is ready to return as a must-watch sport. ESPN will televise its 2023 summer league return. The sport hopes to draw in new fans and rekindle old ones.

What inspired SlamBall? Dreams began it all. Mason Gordon saw two figures colliding mid-air. UFC, another sport, was also rising in popularity. Gordon was inspired to create a team sports version of the Octagon by its mix of fighting styles.

Gordon drew SlamBall on a napkin with this vision. SlamBall was soon played in a warehouse in east Los Angeles by thousands of fans. Stan “Shakes” Fletcher, who played basketball, football, martial arts, and skateboarding, was a SlamBall pioneer.

SlamBall’s trademark was Fletcher’s fearlessness and aerial acrobatics. He effortlessly flipped and dunks. SlamBall was also about martial arts. Fletcher was a formidable player because he focused on outwitting opponents.


Trampolines Collide

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SlamBall’s return was perfectly timed. SlamBall co-founders Mason Gordon and Mike Tollin meticulously planned this revival. They believe now is the right time to reintroduce SlamBall to the world thanks to famous investors who see its potential. Twitter and TikTok will attract a new generation of fans due to their accessibility and engagement.

SlamBall’s Las Vegas relaunch begins July 21 with eight teams. The games will be short to keep viewers interested. SlamBall’s thrilling moments should go viral on social media, transcending sports coverage.

SlamBall will become a global sport, despite the challenges ahead. #BringBackSlamBall has over 200 million social media views, indicating a strong demand for this unique athletic entertainment. SlamBall hopes to become a sports staple.

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The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons advises against children under six using trampolines, citing the high risk of injury.


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