Revitalization of the Huntsville Times Building for the Future

The historic Huntsville Times Building, an enduring emblem of journalistic prowess and architectural prominence, has long been an indelible fixture in Huntsville's narrative.

Erected in 1928 by Jacob Emory Pierce, this 12-story art-deco edifice has been an integral part of the city's skyline and media landscape.

As the erstwhile operational hub of The Huntsville Times, it has borne witness to pivotal moments in journalism, including the reporting of significant events.

Amidst its revitalization, the building signifies a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, poised to adapt to the demands of the digital era.

This refurbishment heralds a new epoch for the iconic structure, ensuring its enduring relevance and continued contribution to the community.

Key Takeaways

  • The Huntsville Times, now known as, was a newspaper that served the city of Huntsville and the state for over 100 years.
  • The newspaper played a significant role in history by opposing Gov. George Wallace's plan to close public schools to avoid integration and breaking the story about James Earl Ray's plan to plead guilty in the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • In 2012, the Huntsville Times merged with the Birmingham News and Mobile Press-Register under the online banner due to a decline in newspaper revenues.
  • The Old Times Building, a 12-story art-deco facility constructed in 1928, is a historic landmark on the National Register of Historic Places.

History of the Huntsville Times Building

The history of the Huntsville Times Building spans over a century, marking significant events in the city's journalistic and architectural legacy.

Constructed in 1928 by Jacob Emory Pierce, the 12-story art-deco building holds immense architectural significance, becoming Huntsville's tallest structure. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Old Times Building, preservation efforts have been crucial in maintaining its historical and cultural value.

The building's architectural significance is not only a testament to Huntsville's past but also a symbol of its commitment to preserving its heritage. As the city moves forward, preserving the architectural and historical significance of the Huntsville Times Building stands as a testament to the city's rich legacy and its dedication to honoring its past while embracing the future.

Significance of the Huntsville Times

Symbolizing Huntsville's journalistic heritage and architectural legacy, the Huntsville Times holds immense significance as a historical and cultural landmark. Continuing from the previous subtopic, the Huntsville Times Building, this newspaper has been an integral part of the city's history, representing its commitment to preserving its heritage while embracing the future.

  • The Huntsville Times played a crucial role in preserving the city's history and culture through its impactful journalism and editorial stance.
  • Its transition to digital platforms reflects its commitment to adapt to the changing media landscape while maintaining its journalistic integrity.
  • The Old Times Building, listed on the National Register of Historic Places, stands as a testament to the preservation efforts of Huntsville's architectural heritage.
  • The Huntsville Times continues to evolve with future plans to revitalize its historic building, ensuring its legacy remains a vibrant part of the city's future.
  • The newspaper's enduring legacy and future plans demonstrate its unwavering commitment to preserving Huntsville's history while embracing the digital age.

Notable Stories and Achievements

Representing a rich journalistic legacy, the notable stories and achievements of the Huntsville Times have left a lasting impact on the city's history and culture. The table below showcases some of the significant achievements and impactful stories covered by the Huntsville Times over the years, reflecting its deep-rooted connection with the community and its commitment to delivering groundbreaking journalism.

Notable Stories and Achievements
Expansion Plans Impact on Community Notable Scoops and Stories
– Launch of Explorer 1 celebration edition in 1958 – Editorials opposing school closures for integration in 1963 – Break of James Earl Ray's plan to plead guilty in MLK Jr.'s assassination in 1969
– Introduction of the first Saturday edition in 1960 – Series on Tennessee River pollution winning an Earth Society Foundation award in 1998 – Publication shift from afternoon to morning in 2004
– Transition to digital publication under in 2012 – Support for legislation criminalizing knowing exposure to HIV virus in 1993 – Reduction of print publication to Wed, Fri, and Sun in 2012

These achievements and stories demonstrate the Huntsville Times' enduring impact on the community and its commitment to delivering groundbreaking journalism.

Transition to

After the merger with the Birmingham News and Mobile Press-Register in 2012, the Huntsville Times transitioned to, marking a pivotal shift towards digital publication and responsiveness to evolving reader preferences and industry trends.

The changes were made in response to a decline in newspaper revenues.

The Times' circulation fell 15 percent from five years earlier.

On February 26, 2023, the last print editions of all three newspapers were published.

All news from that point forward was published digitally at

Preservation efforts are ongoing to maintain the historic Old Times Building, emphasizing its significance in the evolution of journalism and as a landmark in Huntsville's history.

The transition to represents a significant impact on journalism, reflecting the wider industry trend towards digital publication and the need for newspapers to adapt to changing reader habits. The move also underlines the preservation efforts made to honor the legacy of the Huntsville Times while embracing the future of journalism.

Decline in Print Publication

The decline in print publication at the Huntsville Times is evident from a 15 percent decrease in circulation over the past five years. This decline is primarily attributed to the increasing impact of digitalization on the news industry. As readers increasingly turn to digital platforms for their news consumption, traditional print publications have struggled to maintain their readership.

In response to this trend, the Huntsville Times has transitioned to digital publication through, merging with other newspapers under the Alabama Media Group. Despite this shift, preservation efforts for the historic Old Times Building, the former headquarters of the Huntsville Times, are underway. As the newspaper grapples with the challenges of declining print circulation, efforts to revitalize and preserve its historic building for future generations are ongoing.

The Old Times Building

How has the historic Old Times Building, a prominent art-deco facility on the National Register of Historic Places, been revitalized to ensure its preservation for future generations amidst the transition to digital publication by the Huntsville Times?

  • Preservation efforts include restoration of the building's original architectural features.
  • The Huntsville Times has repurposed the interior space to accommodate modern office needs while preserving the building's historical charm.
  • The newspaper has collaborated with local historical preservation organizations to ensure the building's architectural significance is maintained.
  • Efforts to create a museum or visitor center within the building are underway to showcase its historical importance to the community.
  • The building has been retrofitted with modern technology and sustainability features to align with the Huntsville Times' digital transition, ensuring its relevance in the modern era.

Preservation Efforts

Efforts to preserve the historic Old Times Building have focused on restoration of its original architectural features and repurposing of interior space to accommodate modern office needs while maintaining its historical charm.

Preservation efforts include meticulous restoration of the building's art-deco façade, ensuring that the architectural integrity is preserved.

Revitalization plans incorporate the use of sustainable materials and energy-efficient systems to modernize the building while reducing its environmental impact.

Additionally, the revitalization plans aim to create a vibrant, mixed-use space that fosters community engagement and economic development.

The integration of modern technology and amenities within the historic structure is being carefully executed to ensure a seamless blend of old and new, providing a unique and functional environment for future occupants while honoring the building's rich history.

Future Plans and Vision

An extensive redevelopment plan for the historic Huntsville Times Building aims to seamlessly blend modern amenities with its rich historical character. The vision for the future includes:

  • Implementing preservation initiatives to maintain the building's historical integrity.
  • Undertaking architectural renovations to enhance the building's structural stability and aesthetic appeal.
  • Introducing modern facilities and technologies while preserving the building's unique historical features.
  • Creating a dynamic space that honors the building's legacy while serving the community's evolving needs.
  • Establishing a sustainable and adaptive reuse plan that ensures the building remains a vital part of Huntsville's landscape for generations to come.

These plans reflect a commitment to honoring the past while embracing the future, ensuring that the Huntsville Times Building continues to be a cherished landmark in the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Architectural Features Make the Old Times Building Unique and Historically Significant?

The Old Times Building's architectural significance lies in its art-deco style, historic preservation efforts, and being listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Preservation efforts have ensured the building's unique features remain intact for future generations.

How Has the Transition to Digital Publication Affected the Journalism and Reporting of the Huntsville Times?

The transition to digital publication has significantly impacted The Huntsville Times, altering the journalism landscape. This shift has led to changes in reporting methods, audience reach, and revenue streams, reflecting the broader industry trend towards digitalization.

What Led to the Decline in Print Publication and the Decision to Reduce the Print Schedule to Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday Only?

The decline in print publication for The Huntsville Times was influenced by the transition to digital media, impacting the decision to reduce print schedule. This shift reflects the evolving landscape of journalism and the need to adapt to digital consumption patterns.

What Preservation Efforts Have Been Made to Maintain the Historic Integrity of the Old Times Building?

Preservation efforts for the Old Times Building have focused on maintaining its architectural significance through careful restoration and renovation. Revitalization plans include repurposing the space for community contribution while preserving the building's historic integrity.

What Are the Future Plans and Vision for the Revitalization of the Old Times Building, and How Will It Continue to Contribute to the Huntsville Community?

The future plans for the Old Times Building involve its revitalization as a multipurpose facility, aiming to preserve its historic integrity while contributing to the Huntsville community through cultural events, educational programs, and a hub for local businesses.


In the midst of change and modernization, the revitalization of the historic Huntsville Times Building represents the enduring legacy of journalistic excellence and architectural significance.

As it prepares for a new chapter in the digital age, the building stands as a symbol of heritage and resilience.

Its transformation embodies the convergence of past and future, ensuring its continued relevance and contribution to the community.

Our Reader’s Queries

Is the Huntsville Times still in business?

All three publications are currently being produced by a subsidiary of Advance known as Alabama Media Group. The Times and its affiliated newspapers stopped printing on February 26, 2023. Instead, all of their content can now be found on, the website of the media group.

What is the main newspaper in Huntsville Alabama?

The go-to hub for all things Huntsville: news, fun, sports, weather, and beyond.

What is the black newspaper in Huntsville Alabama?

The city of Huntsville offers a variety of newspapers for its residents. The Journal, The Huntsville Mirror, and The Huntsville Star are all available on a weekly basis. Additionally, there is The Weekly News, which is published either weekly or bimonthly. With a total of 53 newspapers to choose from, residents have ample options for staying informed about local news and events.

Why is Huntsville Alabama famous?

Huntsville boasts a strong foothold in technology, space, and defense, housing the Army’s Redstone Arsenal, NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, and Cummings Research Park. The city is also a hub for Fortune 500 companies and a wide range of manufacturing, retail, and service industries.

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