The Evolution of Picross Games: Jupiter Journey with Nintendo and Beyond

The Evolution of Picross Games: Jupiter and Nintendo put out Picross DS in 2007. Things have changed since that important partnership. Jupiter made its own Picross games, and it often worked with industry leaders to do so.

In the years that followed, Jupiter made two important alliances. One of them was with The Pokémon Company, which led to the 2015 release of Pokémon Picross. The other was with My Nintendo, which led to a Picross game based on Zelda: Twilight Princess for members in 2016.

Even with these successes, most Picross games were made by Jupiter, which was not connected to Nintendo. Norichika Meguro of Jupiter says that this change shows how hard it is to get Nintendo to work with other companies.

In an interview with VGC, Meguro talked about how hard it is to get Nintendo to work together again. He also said that he was looking forward to a big project to mark the 30th anniversary of the series in 2025. But he said in a humble way that Nintendo was the only one who could agree to these kinds of partnerships. Jupiter was nervously waiting.

The Evolution of Picross Games
There are 12 Picross games on the Switch eShop at the moment. There are eight in the Picross S series, but none of them have Nintendo’s approval.

Meguro explained why he did things on his own and said it was getting harder and harder to get Nintendo’s approval. Instead of making a pitch to Nintendo and waiting, Jupiter took charge and made their own Picross games.

Meguro told fans that the studio would keep making Picross games for Nintendo’s next-gen console, even though a collaboration wasn’t certain.

Meguro thanked all of the people who liked Picross for their help. He said that the series had a bright future and that fans should look forward to it coming out on the new hardware.

He said he was glad that the internet was so big because it gave him direct feedback from his fans. This feedback has helped the series reach new heights, and Jupiter is grateful for the fans’ hard work.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Where did Picross originate?

On March 14, 1995, the Nintendo Game Boy game Mario’s Picross made its debut in Japan and saw moderate success. Despite a strong marketing push from Nintendo, the game didn’t quite catch on in the U.S. The game features increasingly challenging puzzles, with each level offering larger and more complex challenges.

What is the latest Picross game?

Picross S is a puzzle game series available exclusively for Nintendo Switch. The first game, Picross S, was released worldwide on September 28, 2017, with the latest installment, Picross S9, launching on April 27, 2023. Along with the main series, there are also various spin-offs available.

Is Picross owned by Nintendo?

Picross, a Nintendo series developed by Jupiter, is available on various consoles and handheld devices. These games feature nonogram puzzles, which involve filling in squares on a grid to create a hidden picture.

What type of game is Picross?

Picross, a delightful picture crossword puzzle, cleverly employs numbers as clues to create beautiful images. It boasts straightforward rules that make it accessible to all, ensuring anyone can quickly grasp it and revel in the challenge.


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