Texas State Fair Shooting: Cameron Turner Faces Aggravated Assault Charges

Texas State Fair Shooting: Since the killing at the Texas State Fair on a sad Saturday night, the mystery surrounding the person who is thought to have done it has been solved. Austin cops have named Cameron Turner, 22, as the suspect. He is accused of firing shots in the food court of the tower building, hurting three people.

Heavy assault charges were brought against Turner early Sunday morning, which was the first official reaction to what was said to have happened. The three victims—two men and a woman—were said to have injuries that were not life-threatening, which is some comfort given what happened next.

After the scary event, the State Fair of Texas took decisive action by delaying Sunday’s opening until 2 p.m. and asking visitors to be extra careful. The fair’s leaders stressed their commitment to safety and said that everyone’s well-being is still their primary concern. To keep everyone “Fairly aware” and safe, they told people to report any strange behaviour to marked police officers or State Fair Safety Team members immediately.

Things are still changing, and it will be shared as new information comes in.

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