Smart High Praise for Milroe: A Lamar Jackson Vibes Showdown in the SEC Championship

Smart High Praise for Milroe: Coach Kirby Smart of Georgia seems to hold Jalen Milroe, Alabama’s quarterback, in high regard ahead of their upcoming matchup in the SEC Championship.

Smart even likened Milroe’s playing style to Heisman winner Lamar Jackson, describing Milroe as a “bigger, physical version” of Jackson with impressive elusiveness and the ability to make defenders miss in space.

Smart made this comparison in response to a question about comparing Milroe to former Florida quarterback Tim Tebow, highlighting Milroe’s unique qualities and the challenges he poses. Georgia’s coaching staff is likely working hard to devise a game plan to handle Milroe’s dual threat in both the running and deep passing game.

Despite the formidable threat Milroe presents, Alabama brings additional firepower to the game, including players like Isaiah Bond who excel at exploiting open opportunities for scores. Both teams face a level of talent they haven’t encountered before, making execution at the same level as in previous games challenging.

Georgia may focus on minimizing deep balls, leveraging the skills of their safety duo, Javon Bullard and Malaki Starks. Milroe’s strength lies in deep passes, and Georgia aims to exploit potential weaknesses, especially in the middle of the field. The strategic use of safeties could force Milroe into unfavorable decisions, potentially tipping the odds in Georgia’s favor.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is Milroe a redshirt freshman?

In 2023, as a redshirt freshman, he served as a backup to the top pick, Bryce Young. He had one start during the season. Once his sophomore year began, he secured the starting quarterback position. Although he did not play in the USF game, he was named the starter for the SEC opener.

What high school did Jalen Milroe play for?

During his time at Tompkins High School in Katy, Texas, Milroe had an impressive high school career. As a junior, he demonstrated his skill on the field by throwing for 2,689 yards and 29 touchdowns. He also showcased his versatility by adding eight touchdowns rushing and gaining 378 yards.

How big is Milroe for Alabama?

Alabama’s online roster lists Milroe as 6’2? and 220 pounds, but the quarterback clarified during the SEC players teleconference that these stats are outdated. He stated, “No that ain’t accurate. I’m much bigger than that. That was like freshman year.”


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