Shoals Theatre Marks 75 Year Legacy: with Historic Celebrations

Shoals Theatre Marks 75 Year Legacy: FLORENCE, Ala. The Shoals Theatre, nestled in downtown Florence, marked its 75th anniversary this October, standing as a living testament to history.

Steve Price, the manager, reflects on the theatre’s rich and historic legacy. While famous personalities have graced its halls, Price emphasizes that the Shoals Theatre is a celebrity in its own right.

“This theater holds a special place in people’s hearts,” Price shared. “Many visitors haven’t stepped foot here since their childhood movie days. It’s a nostalgia trip, bringing back memories of first dates and cherished moments.”

For 75 years, the Shoals Theatre has been cherished not only by Florence residents but also by visitors who find solace in its timeless charm.

“They genuinely do,” Price elaborated. “People stop at the traffic light, gaze at the marquee, and check out upcoming events. It’s a beloved sight.”

Price takes pride in his intimate knowledge of every artifact within, a testament to his dedication to preserving the building’s complete history. Interestingly, legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright was considered for its construction, though the owners ultimately opted for a different direction. The Shoals Theatre is not confined to plays or musicals alone.

“Combine all these elements,” Price remarked. “It’s a single venue that truly encompasses the arts.”

This historic theatre is not limited to plays; it also serves as a venue for movies and concerts, adding versatility to its storied existence.

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Our Reader’s Queries

When was the Shoals Theater built?

Louis Rosenbaum created and constructed The Shoals Theater for $400,000. It officially opened as a movie theatre on October 21st, 1948, located at 123 N. Seminary Street.