Shelby County Host Parents Night on Cell Phone Safety

Shelby County Host Parents Night: Explore essential tools and knowledge for ensuring cell phone safety at Shelby County’s Parents Night event. Focus on internet and smartphone safety, setting boundaries, and monitoring online activities. Learn about protecting children from cyberbullying and inappropriate content, with legal updates from the district attorney’s office.

Gain insights on proactive strategies for safeguarding children in the digital world. Discussions on age-appropriate content, privacy settings, and practical ways to empower parents in overseeing their children’s online interactions. Join us to equip yourself with the resources needed to navigate the digital landscape and protect your family.

Compact Shelby County Hosts Parent’s Night on Internet and Smartphone Safety

Compact Shelby County is hosting a Parent’s Night event focused on internet and smartphone safety. The event aims to equip parents with the necessary knowledge and tools to safeguard their children from potential online risks. With the increasing accessibility of apps and online content, parents play a pivotal role in ensuring their children navigate the digital world safely.

During the Parent’s Night, experts will discuss the importance of setting boundaries for internet and smartphone usage, monitoring online activities, and recognizing warning signs of potential threats. Parents will learn about age-appropriate content, privacy settings, and how to initiate open dialogues with their children about online safety.

Focus on Protecting Children from Cyberbullying and Inappropriate Content

As awareness grows regarding the impact of smartphones on children’s mental health, there is a heightened focus on protecting them from cyberbullying and exposure to inappropriate content at the upcoming Parent’s Night event hosted by Compact Shelby County.

Recognizing the significant risks associated with online activities, leaders of Compact Shelby County are dedicated to empowering parents with practical strategies to guarantee their children’s safety in the digital world. The event will explore important topics such as methods to prevent cyberbullying, techniques to identify inappropriate content, and tools to manage access to harmful substances.

Presentation and Legal Updates from District Attorney’s Office

During the upcoming Parent’s Night event hosted by Compact Shelby County, attendees will have the opportunity to gain valuable insights and legal updates from a guest speaker representing the district attorney’s office in Shelby County.

This presentation will provide attendees with essential information regarding laws related to cell phone usage, equipping parents with the knowledge needed to navigate the legal landscape surrounding their children’s smartphone activities.

In addition to legal updates, practical demonstrations will be showcased, including examples like recovered cell phone screenshots and demonstrations of monitoring apps. These tools are designed to empower parents to actively oversee and protect their children’s online interactions.

Janae Pinson, the community resource coordinator, stresses the proactive nature of the event, highlighting its role in enabling parents to safeguard the safety and well-being of their children in an increasingly digital world.

This session promises to offer a thorough understanding of legal considerations and practical tools necessary for ensuring children’s safety in the digital age.

News in Brief

Shelby County will be hosting a Parent’s Night event focused on internet and smartphone safety.

The event will address important topics such as protecting children from cyberbullying and inappropriate content.

Attendees can expect presentations and legal updates from the District Attorney’s Office.

This event is a valuable opportunity for parents to learn how to keep their children safe in the digital world.

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