Sewell Announces 36.6 Million Grant for Selma-Montgomery Trail

Sewell Announces 36.6 Million Grant: Representative Terri Sewell’s recent announcement of a substantial $36.6 million grant for the Selma-Montgomery Trail has sparked significant interest and anticipation in the communities involved.

The funding is poised to bring about transformative changes to the region, enhancing connectivity and historical preservation. As details of the project emerge, it becomes evident that this initiative holds the potential to not only revitalize the area but also create lasting impacts for generations to come.

Stay tuned for further insights into how this grant will shape the future of the Selma-Montgomery Trail.

Funding Announcement and Project Details

The City of Montgomery has been awarded $36,663,000 from the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) to enhance the Selma to Montgomery Historic Trail through the development of a greenway trailhead, as announced by U.S. Rep. Terri Sewell, AL-07. This funding, sourced from DOT’s Neighborhood Access and Equity (NAE) grant program, aims to improve the trail by facilitating zero emissions and ADA accessible transportation options along its historic route.

The grant will play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall accessibility and sustainability of the Selma to Montgomery Historic Trail. The development of a greenway trailhead will provide visitors with a starting point that promotes eco-friendly and inclusive modes of transport, aligning with modern environmental and accessibility standards. By investing in this project, the City of Montgomery is not only preserving the historical significance of the trail but also ensuring that it remains relevant and welcoming to a diverse range of visitors for years to come.

Impact and Gratitude

Expressing profound appreciation for the federal investment, Rep. Sewell emphasized the transformative impact the grant will have on commemorating the civil rights struggle.

The $36.6 million grant will play a crucial role in enhancing the Selma-Montgomery Trail’s transportation infrastructure, making the narrative of the civil rights movement more accessible to a wider audience.

This funding will support the development of zero-emission infrastructure, with plans to rehabilitate buildings and brownfield sites for microgrids and charging stations.

Additionally, the grant will facilitate the integration of smart technology and micro-transit facilities at the Fairview Transfer Station, further modernizing the trail experience.

Sewell Announces 36.6 Million Grant

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News in Brief

Rep. Terri Sewell secures $36.6 million DOT grant for the Selma-Montgomery Trail, enhancing accessibility and sustainability. The funding, part of DOT’s NAE grant program, will develop a greenway trailhead promoting eco-friendly and ADA-accessible transportation options. Montgomery aims to preserve the trail’s historical significance while modernizing its infrastructure for diverse visitors.

Rep. Sewell praises the grant’s transformative impact on commemorating the civil rights movement, emphasizing improved accessibility and environmental sustainability. Plans include zero-emission infrastructure, smart technology integration, and micro-transit facilities. The grant signals a significant step in revitalizing the Selma-Montgomery Trail, promising lasting benefits for future generations.

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