San Antonio Israel Crisis Fund: Uniting for Humanity in the Gaza Conflict

San Antonio Israel Crisis Fund: When Reuben Bar Yardin heard that Hamas was attacking Israel, he felt like a mother. At age 28, he wanted to protect his son from the chaos and help win the war.

Bar-Yadin was determined to keep his son safe and see him return without harm. At the same time that he asked God to watch over his child, he left to start the Israel Crisis Fund in San Antonio, Texas.

Bar-Yadin stressed how tense things were in the area, full of bloodshed. As he heard people close to him ask what they could do to help, he saw the chance to give a decisive answer by starting the fund.

They came up with the idea for the Israel Crisis Fund with help from the Jewish Federation of San Antonio and Jewish congregations and groups in the area. Their shared goal was to start a considerable effort to raise at least $1 million. The Bar-Yadin Family Foundation surprisingly said they would give this fund the same amount of $1 million.

The money raised will be sent straight to Israel with the explicit promise that every dollar will be used to meet the daily needs of the war victims. On this list of requirements are clothes, toiletries, and, most importantly, tents and sleeping bags. Many people have lost their homes because of the regular bombings, so these supplies are essential.

Even though it’s hard, Reuben Bar Yardin, his fellow San Antonio residents, and a group of organizations work together on a fantastic project to improve the lives of people in Israel who are touched by the current situation. Their actions are a great example of how to be kind, get along with others, and always be there for people in need during hard times.

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