Renovation of Pascagoula Public Library $4.22M Project Begins

Renovation of Pascagoula Public Library: The $4.22 million renovation of Pascagoula Public Library has commenced to modernize the building, technology, services, and programs. This project signifies an important step in the transformation of Jackson County libraries, focusing on sustainable design while preserving historical significance.

With improvements like a new roof, air-conditioning, heating system, elevator, and interior finishes, the City of Pascagoula and Jackson County Board of Supervisors are backing the initiative. Patrons can expect a temporary closure and a modern, efficient library facility. Learn more about the promising developments underway at the Pascagoula Public Library.

Overview of Pascagoula Public Library Renovations

With meticulous planning and community input, the thorough renovation of the Pascagoula Public Library is set to redefine the essence of this longstanding institution. The $4.22 million project aims to modernize the nearly 40-year-old building, making it a hub of learning and innovation for the community. The renovation will not only enhance the physical structure but also update the library’s technology, services, and programs to meet the evolving needs of its patrons.

The project is the final phase of a series of renovations in Jackson County libraries, signaling a significant investment in the region’s educational and cultural resources. The Pascagoula Public Library’s transformation will preserve its historical significance while embracing the future through sustainable design and state-of-the-art amenities.

Details of the Renovation Project

The upcoming renovation of the Pascagoula Public Library includes a thorough overhaul, covering important aspects such as the installation of a new roof, air-conditioning and heating system, elevator, as well as improvements to interior finishes like carpet and paint to elevate the library’s facilities to a superior standard.

Library Director Angela Stewart expressed her excitement about the much-needed repairs due to the building’s age. The full renovation, supported by the City of Pascagoula and primarily funded by the Jackson County Board of Supervisors, is set to transform the library into an outstanding facility.

Allred Stolarski Architects, PA, are leading the construction of the project, ensuring that every detail is carefully planned and executed. With a focus on enhancing both functionality and aesthetics, the renovation project aims to provide library patrons with a modern, comfortable, and inviting space that meets the highest standards of excellence.

Timeline and Impact on Library Patrons

Commencing on April 1, the upcoming renovation of the Pascagoula Public Library is poised to greatly transform the library’s infrastructure and services, impacting patrons in numerous ways. Director Stewart’s long-awaited project will see the library close on April 1, with a temporary small library opening around mid-May to cater to the public during the 10-month-long full renovations of the main building.

Despite the closure, patrons need not worry about accruing fines during this period, ensuring a seamless shift. Stewart’s dedication to this renovation mirrors Jackson County’s recent efforts in upgrading other local libraries, underlining a commitment to providing modern and efficient library services to the community.

The closure may present some temporary inconveniences, but the end result promises a beautiful and functional library facility that will enrich the community’s access to knowledge and resources. As the renovation progresses, patrons can look forward to a revitalized space that caters to their needs and reflects the value placed on education and community well-being.

News in Brief

The renovation project at Pascagoula Public Library is a significant endeavor with a budget of $4.22 million.

The enhancements will elevate the library’s facilities and services for patrons, creating a contemporary and inviting atmosphere.

The schedule for completion will affect library users, but the final outcome will be a more efficient and appealing space for the community to appreciate for years to come.

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