Remembering John Berylson


Remembering John Berylson: It is with heavy hearts that we mourn the tragic passing of John Berylson, the beloved owner and chairman of Millwall Football Club. The news of his untimely demise has sent shockwaves through the football community, leaving us reflecting on the profound impact he had on the club and those who had the privilege of knowing him. John Berylson was not just a figurehead; he was a true inspiration, a generous soul, and a devoted family man.

Tributes Pour In From the Footballing World

The footballing fraternity has come together to express their condolences and pay tribute to John Berylson. The English Football League (EFL) tweeted its shock and deep sympathies, extending heartfelt condolences to Berylson’s family and everyone connected to Millwall. The outpouring of grief reflects the respect and admiration Berylson garnered throughout his tenure.

Former Millwall defender Alan Dunne, who shared a close relationship with Berylson, took to Twitter to express his deepest condolences. Dunne, having witnessed Berylson’s transformative leadership firsthand, acknowledged the chairman’s instrumental role in elevating Millwall’s status and expressed his gratitude for the impact Berylson had on his career and the club as a whole.

Millwall Confirms the Sad News

On Tuesday night, Millwall Football Club released a statement on Twitter, confirming the tragic accident that claimed the life of their beloved owner, John Berylson. While specific details surrounding the accident were not disclosed, the club expressed their collective broken heart and deep regret over the loss.

A Life Dedicated to Millwall

John Berylson’s association with Millwall began in 2006 when he first became involved with the club. Over the years, his commitment and passion for the team propelled him to become a significant shareholder in 2007. Berylson’s imprint on the club and his lasting legacy are undeniable.

Details Surrounding Berylson’s Death Kept Private

Out of respect for the Berylson family’s privacy, no further details regarding the circumstances of John Berylson’s passing were provided in the official statement. The focus remains on honoring his memory and celebrating his contributions to Millwall.

Survived by a Loving Family

John Berylson leaves behind a grieving family, including his wife Amy and their three children, Jennifer, James, and Elizabeth. Their loss is immeasurable, and they are undoubtedly experiencing profound sadness during this difficult time. The thoughts and prayers of the football community are with them as they navigate through this heartbreaking period.

Millwall’s Heartbreaking Announcement

Millwall Football Club released an emotional statement paying tribute to their beloved owner and chairman, John Berylson. The club expressed their deep sorrow and described Berylson as a truly great man. They highlighted his unwavering devotion to his family, his remarkable generosity, warmth, and kindness that touched the lives of many.

Berylson’s storied life was one filled with color and joy, and he was always eager to share his knowledge and experiences to help others. Millwall acknowledged his role in the club’s history, as well as his passion for the future. They emphasized that any success moving forward would be in his memory and honor, a testament to his enduring legacy.

Fond Remembrances of John Berylson

Those who had the privilege of knowing John Berylson will forever cherish the memories they shared with him. He was a man of generosity and kindness, known for his compassion and willingness to support others. Berylson’s impact extended far beyond the football pitch, and his acts of philanthropy have left an indelible mark on the lives of many.

A Man of Generosity and Kindness

John Berylson’s remarkable legacy was shaped not only by his accomplishments as Millwall’s chairman but also by his character. His acts of kindness, generosity, and genuine care for others made him an exceptional individual. Whether it was supporting charitable causes or extending a helping hand to those in need, Berylson’s impact reached far beyond the boundaries of football.

Berylson’s Impact as Millwall Chairman

During his tenure as chairman, John Berylson oversaw Millwall’s rise to prominence. The club achieved significant success under his passionate leadership and guidance, including two promotions to the Championship. Berylson’s vision and commitment provided the platform for these achievements, and his influence will forever be cherished by the Millwall faithful.

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Guiding the Club to Promotions

John Berylson’s strategic guidance and unwavering support played a pivotal role in Millwall’s journey to success. His vision for the club’s future propelled them forward, and his commitment to creating a winning culture was evident in their achievements on the pitch. Berylson’s impact will be forever remembered as he guided the team to two promotions, leaving an indelible mark in Millwall’s history.

A Near-Miss for a Playoff Spot

In the recently concluded season, Millwall finished eighth in the league, narrowly missing out on a coveted playoff spot on the final day. John Berylson’s passion for the club was unwavering, and he continued to express his excitement for the future, sharing his vision for sustained success. The team’s pursuit of glory moving forward will be a testament to Berylson’s enduring legacy.

Millwall’s Gratitude for Berylson’s Leadership

Millwall Football Club expressed their gratitude for John Berylson’s leadership, stability, and undying loyalty. His unwavering support extended not only to the players and staff but also to the passionate fan base. Berylson cherished the underdog status and identity of Millwall, relating strongly to the club’s values. His presence will be deeply missed, leaving a void that will be challenging to fill.

Footballing World Mourns the Loss

The news of John Berylson’s passing reverberated throughout the footballing world, leaving many in shock and disbelief. His sudden and tragic departure serves as a reminder of the fragility of life and the impact one person can have on a community. The footballing fraternity stands united in mourning the loss of a true football enthusiast and exceptional leader.

EFL Expresses Shock and Condolences

The English Football League (EFL) expressed its shock and deepest condolences to John Berylson’s family and everyone connected with Millwall. The EFL recognized Berylson’s significant contributions to the club and the broader footballing landscape. The outpouring of support from the league demonstrates the profound respect and admiration held for John Berylson.

Alan Dunne Pays Tribute to Berylson

Former Millwall defender Alan Dunne, who shared a special bond with John Berylson, paid a heartfelt tribute to the chairman. Dunne acknowledged the profound impact Berylson had on his career and expressed gratitude for his unwavering support. Berylson’s commitment to putting Millwall back on the map will forever be remembered by those whose lives he touched.

Paying Respects at The Den Stadium

Millwall fans and the footballing community at large have an opportunity to pay their respects to John Berylson. A book of condolences will be available at The Den stadium from 11 am on Wednesday, providing a space for supporters to share their memories and express their gratitude for the remarkable legacy Berylson leaves behind.

conclusion of Remembering John Berylson

 John Berylson’s passing has left a void in the hearts of those who knew him, both personally and within the football community. His contributions as Millwall’s owner and chairman will forever be remembered, and his legacy will continue to inspire generations to come. As we mourn his loss, let us celebrate the remarkable life he lived and the positive impact he had on countless lives. John Berylson’s spirit will forever be intertwined with the fabric of Millwall Football Club.


Our Reader’s Queries

How much did John Berylson pay for Millwall?

Under new ownership, Millwall experienced a period of stability and achieved their first play-off success between 2007 and 2014. The team celebrated their promotion to the Football League Championship at Wembley Stadium in 2010. In March 2007, Chestnut Hill Ventures, led by American and future chairman John Berylson, made a £5 million investment into the club.


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