Pascagoula Residents Demand Lasting Solution: to Decades-Long Raw Sewage Flooding

Pascagoula Residents Demand Lasting Solution: Residents in Pascagoula, Mississippi, are grappling with recurring issues of raw sewage flooding their streets, a problem they claim has persisted for decades. Dion Williams, a resident since 2003, recently experienced another sewage overflow in his neighborhood.

The recurring problem, characterized by sewage bubbling up and flooding the area, has prompted in Alabama residents like Williams to voice their concerns to the city. Despite occasional interventions by city crews, residents argue that these measures provide only temporary relief, with the issue resurfacing shortly after.

Joe Jackson, a Vietnam Veteran living next door, expressed worries about the impact of sewage on his health, particularly given his compromised immune system. Both Williams and Jackson seek a lasting solution to the problem, emphasizing the need for answers and corrective actions from local authorities. Williams highlighted the unpleasant conditions created by the sewage overflow, impacting his ability to enjoy outdoor activities with his grandson.

In response to inquiries, Pascagoula City Manager Michael Silverman attributed the sewage overflow to grease poured into drains by homeowners. He acknowledged the challenges in addressing the issue, citing difficulties in accessing the sewage lift station for necessary maintenance. Silverman assured residents that plans are underway to relocate the drain, although the project is in its early stages.

The residents, who have endured these challenges for almost 30 years, emphasize the importance of finding a comprehensive and timely solution to the persistent raw sewage flooding. They contend that, as taxpayers and hard-working individuals, they deserve a resolution that ensures a safe and sanitary living environment.

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Can you have chickens in Pascagoula?

Section 10-5 prohibits the keeping of certain animals within city limits. It is illegal to have chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, or other domestic fowl, as well as sheep, cattle, mules, goats, horses, or similar animals within 100 feet of another person’s residence.

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