Mobile County Investigation into Alex Crow Actions: and Return Archdiocese Emphasizes Removal from Ministry

Mobile County Investigation into Alex Crow Actions: The Mobile County District Attorney’s Office issued a statement on the investigation into Alex Crow’s actions Prompted by the Archdiocese of Mobile, the office probed the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of an eighteen-year-old McGill-Toolen High School graduate and a 30-year-old Priest.

Interviewing over 30 witnesses and reviewing numerous documents, the office sought answers. The young lady and Priest eventually returned. Despite efforts to subpoena the young lady, who appeared in good health, she declined to answer questions with her attorney present. Without sufficient admissible evidence, the investigation is currently closed.

The Archdiocese, relieved by their return, emphasizes that Alex Crow has been removed from ministry, and his priestly faculties suspended. Crow is not allowed to exercise any ministry or present himself as a priest. While his behavior is considered scandalous, the Archdiocese has no information indicating criminal activity. They pledge full cooperation with ongoing law enforcement investigations. 

In a separate development, disgraced priest Alex Crow, who ran off to Italy with a teenage girl, has returned to Mobile County. Accused of grooming a McGill-Toolen High School graduate, he left a letter with the Archdiocese before departing. The Archdiocese, though unaware of his return, emphasizes his removal from ministry and encourages reporting any unauthorized activities.

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Our Reader’s Queries

What did Alex Crow do?

A Catholic priest, Alex Crow, has been expelled from the clergy by the Archdiocese of Mobile. This action came after he married a teenage girl and left the country with her earlier this year. The church officials made the announcement on Friday, declaring that Crow is no longer part of the priesthood.

Who is the disgraced priest in Alabama?

Alabama priest Alex Crow, who fled to Italy and married a catholic school graduate, has been formally expelled from the priesthood, according to the church.

Who is Alex Crow’s wife?

Last Friday, the 30-year-old Alex Crow tied the knot with 18-year-old Taylor Victoria Harrison, as indicated on their marriage certificate. Harrison, a recent graduate of McGill-Toolen High School, and Crow, who had been a guest lecturer there, set off on a European adventure after their wedding.

How old is Alex Crow priest?

In late July 2023, the Mobile County District Attorney’s Office revealed their probe into a European vacation taken by Alex Crow, 30, and a recent graduate of McGill Toolen Catholic School.

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