Max Greenfield: Urges Hollywood CEOs to ‘Be the Heroes’ Amidst Actor Strike

Max Greenfield: As the Hollywood actors’ strike enters its second week, Max Greenfield, co-star of the CBS comedy. The Neighborhood, is urging studio CEOs to step up and negotiate a resolution.

“Be the heroes; come to the table; make a deal,” implored Greenfield during a recent speech. He expressed hope that the studio heads would engage in meaningful discussions with both the Writers Guild of America (WGA) and the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) to bring an end to the strike.

At a charity ping pong event held at Dodger Stadium, Greenfield, along with co-star Cedric the Entertainer, spoke about the reasons behind the strike. “We struck because our deal was up and it’s time to adjust to business changes,” he explained. Greenfield emphasized that the adjustments sought by the actors are essential to address significant changes in the industry and to ensure fair protection and compensation for the artists.

Bryan Cranston also voiced his support for the striking actors during a New York protest, criticizing Disney CEO Bob Iger for being slow to respond. “We want this over quickly,” Cranston asserted, stressing the actors’ willingness to return to the negotiating table.

Actors joined the May strikers on July 14, leading to a near-total halt in film and TV production. The main issues at the heart of the strike include fair pay and protections related to the use of artificial intelligence, among others. Despite the strike’s impact on the industry, negotiations between the unions and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) have not yet resumed.

Max Greenfield

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The strike has garnered support from prominent figures in the entertainment industry, such as Oscar-winning actor Casey Affleck, who highlighted the crucial role played by actors and writers in the creation of content. Danny Trejo, an actor and entrepreneur, called on studios to address the financial struggles faced by behind-the-scenes workers. Trejo expressed concern over the disparity in earnings and the need for more equitable treatment within the industry.

Holly Robinson-Peete, a SAG member since 1977, underscored the economic challenges faced by many union members, emphasizing that the majority of actors are not privileged individuals seeking more but are hardworking artists struggling to make a living.

As the strike continues, actors and industry professionals alike are calling for productive negotiations and a fair resolution to ensure the sustainability and prosperity of the entertainment sector.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is Max Greenfield wife?

Max Greenfield, known for his role as a flirt in New Girl, is actually happily married to his wife, Tess Sanchez. They tied the knot in August 2008 and have since welcomed two children, daughter Lilly and son Ozzie. Their relationship has been nurtured and maintained over the years, proving that real life can be just as blissful as on-screen romance.

What age is Max Greenfield?

Dropping out of school was the turning point for Greenfield, leading him to pursue acting in Los Angeles. Despite facing rejection in auditions, he remained resilient and continued to take acting classes. Surprisingly, it was his failures that fueled his determination and ultimately paved the way for his success.

How did Max Greenfield get into acting?

Max Greenfield became a part of the AHS: Hotel ensemble as a guest, taking on the role of Gabriel, a drug addict, in the eerie Hotel Cortez. He then hopped on board the American Horror Stories spin-off in its second season, embodying the character of Bryce Taylor, a husband consumed by overwhelming fear.

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