Max Borenstein: Reflects on Season Two Finale of Winning Time Amid Strike Disruption

Max Borenstein: Max Borenstein confirmed X’s story as accurate in the season two finale.

“We didn’t get the desired ending,” he told her. So far, only love and thanks.

“You can’t regret when you give it your all,” said director Salli Richardson on Instagram. Hope you enjoy the last episode of @winningtimehbo! I’ll do more TV and movies in the future, but I’m proud of this show right now.

HBO began airing Winning Time season 2 on August 6. 629,000 people watched between Max and regular airings. In March 2022, 901,000 people watched the first show of Season 1, which was less than this. In May that year, 1.6 million people watched the Season 1 finale on its premiere day. People were already thinking about basketball during Season 1, which may have helped March Madness.

Based on Jeff Pearlman’s book “Showtime: Magic, Kareem, Riley, and the Los Angeles Lakers Dynasty of the 1980s,” the HBO series covered the years from the 1980 NBA Finals to 1984. It came down to Magic (Quincy Isaiah) and Larry Bird (Sean Patrick Small) of the Boston Celtics playing their first game against each other.

Last month, Pearlman urged viewers to watch season 2 on X. Despite ongoing strikes, he emphasized the significance to viewers and encouraged fans to spread the message.

Winning Time stars Adrien Brody, John C. Reilly, Michael Chiklis, Jason Segel, Gaby Hoffmann, Hadley Robinson, DeVaughn Nixon, Solomon Hughes, Tamera Tomakili, Brett Cullen, Stephen Adly Guirgis, Spencer Garrett, Molly Gordon, Joey Brooks, Delante Desouza, Jimel Atkins, Austin Aaron, McCabe Slye, Thomas Mann, Gillian Jacobs, and Rob Morgan.

Borenstein, Jim Hecht, and others are executive producers of the show.

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