Male Gorilla Gives Birth: A Surprising and Historic Moment for Gorilla Conservation

Male Gorilla Gives Birth:  At the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, male gorilla Sully gave birth to a healthy baby, shocking zookeepers. The remarkable discovery has amazed experts and visitors, revealing the complexities of gorilla behavior and challenging sex identification in these magnificent creatures.

Since 2019, Sully, who lives at the zoo with her mother, has been misgendered. The gorilla care team was surprised to find Sully tenderly holding her newborn gorilla early Thursday morning.

Gorillas lack sex organs, so the zoo didn’t know Sully’s gender for years. Before age 8, male and female gorillas look alike. Male gorillas develop their large size, silver backs, and head bumps at this point.

The zoo’s veterinarians took a “hands-off approach,” letting Sully’s mother care for her, which delayed her gender discovery. Sully arrived in Columbus as a young, healthy animal, so she didn’t need medical interventions to reveal her true identity.

Gorillas rarely show pregnancy signs, so the pregnancy went undetected. Newborn gorillas are smaller than humans, and their mothers have larger abdomens. Gorillas have an eight-and-a-half-month gestation period, so experts think Sully got pregnant in fall.

Wildlife conservationists focused on the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium after Sully’s amazing feat. Western lowland gorillas—the zoo’s subspecies—are critically endangered. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature estimates that only 100,000 of these gorillas remain in central Africa, threatened by habitat loss, deforestation, and bushmeat hunting.

The Columbus Zoo was the first to witness a gorilla birth in 1956, starting its long history of gorilla conservation. The facility has protected these beautiful animals and their habitats for years.

The Columbus Zoo’s 34th gorilla birth—Sully’s unnamed baby—shows its dedication to gorilla conservation. Zoo officials say the arrival of this baby gorilla is a crucial step in their ongoing mission to protect these animals and raise awareness about conservation.

Gorilla Gives Birth To Male

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The zoo’s veterinary and animal care staff are letting Sully and her baby bond with the gorilla troop. DNA testing will reveal the baby’s father.

Animal lovers and experts eagerly await the chance to see the adorable gorilla pair. Starting Friday, visitors to the zoo’s gorilla habitat can see the new mother and baby’s touching bond.

Zoologists and conservationists worldwide are debating a male gorilla giving birth. Gorilla behavior and reproduction intrigue scientists and spur further research.

The Columbus Zoo’s gorilla conservation efforts offer hope for these majestic creatures on the brink of extinction. They want to mobilize the world to save western lowland gorillas and their habitat.

As the world celebrates this unprecedented animal moment, the focus remains on preserving biodiversity and understanding the delicate balance between wildlife and their ecosystems. Sully’s baby’s birth reminds us that there are still many natural wonders to discover, urging us to protect and cherish all life on Earth.


Our Reader’s Queries

Did male gorilla give birth?

The staff at an Ohio zoo were shocked when a gorilla they thought was a male for four years gave birth. The Columbus Zoo announced that Sully, who has been living there since 2019, was found with her baby on Thursday.

Which animal gives birth only once in lifetime?

The majority of octopuses are semelparous, reproducing only once in their lifetime. After their eggs hatch, the female octopus typically dies soon after because of exhaustion.

Who was the baby gorilla born in 2023?

On July 19, 2023, Sully cradled her new baby at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. In a surprising turn of events, the gorilla family at the zoo welcomed a new addition, a baby that caught everyone off guard but brought immense joy to the care team. This unexpected birth is a significant milestone for the conservation of a critically endangered species, adding to the excitement and importance of the event.

How old is Sully gorilla?

Sully, the 8-year-old gorilla, was originally believed to be a male.


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