Lost Maya City Revealed: Laser Mapping Unearths Ancient Treasures in Campeche Jungle

Lost Maya City Revealed: Three four-hour flights revealed an ancient treasure above Campeche, Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. A cool study by a professor named Juan Carlos Fernandez-Diaz from the University of Houston used special technology called LiDAR to find a lost city in March.

Fernandez-Diaz pioneered archaeological LiDAR for a decade. It can uncover ancient civilization relics hidden by deep forest.

After LiDAR found Ocomtun, archaeologists surveyed it for six weeks. The Late Classic Period Maya Civilization, 600–900 AD, yielded 50-foot pyramids, ceramics, and carvings. Ivan Šprajc, a Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts scholar, led the archaeological survey. The squad battled thick jungle with machetes and chainsaws.

The city has interesting concentric architecture complexes, maybe historical marketplaces.

Since the 1900s, LiDAR technology has transformed archaeology, especially in forested areas. Laser pulses create three-dimensional maps that let researchers see through dense foliage.

Lost Maya City Revealed

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Fernandez-Diaz explored about 20,000 square kilometers of Central American jungle. They found a huge, ancient Maya temple near Tabasco, Mexico, and many Maya villages and buildings in Guatemala.

Ocomtun sheds light on ancient cities and community life. The city’s history and reasons for abandonment may take years to uncover. Šprajc believes the people fled the city because the soil was exhausted, there were too many people, everyone was miserable, there was a lengthy drought, and there was a lot of violence. Its abandonment chronology is still unknown.

Archaeologists can do a lifetime’s work in one day with LiDAR. Fieldwork requires funding from numerous institutions and companies. Fernandez-Diaz and his team use really cool technology to find out stuff about old jungles, even though it’s hard and not very fancy.

Our Reader’s Queries

What Mayan city was recently found?

The recently discovered city was christened Ocomtún, which means “stone column” in Yucatec Maya. The numerous cylindrical columns found are believed to be entrances to the upper rooms of buildings.

Where is the lost Mayan city?

Deep in the dense jungles of Campeche, on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, a lost Maya city has been unearthed by University of Houston researchers and their archaeology partners. This discovery marks another significant step in the ongoing pursuit of uncovering the enigmatic secrets of the world.

What ancient Mayan city hidden for over 1000 years discovered by lidar?

Archaeologists in Mexico’s Campeche State have discovered pyramids, palaces, a ball court, and other ancient city ruins in a biological preserve. The city, named Ocomtún, has been meticulously documented by the team. The New York Times reported on the significant findings.

Where did they discover the lost Maya mega society?

During an aerial survey of northern Guatemala, researchers uncovered a massive Maya site using lasers. The site spans 650 square miles and is hidden beneath the dense rainforest.


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