Kim Pegula Returns: A Heartwarming Comeback to Buffalo Bills Training Camp After Heart Attack

Kim Pegula Returns: Buffalo Bills co-owner Kim Pegula. She debuted during the Bill’s training camp 14 months after her heart attack. Pegula had not been there since the attack. She walked in unexpectedly, surprising everyone. The 54-year-old woman relaxed in her SUV while watching the team train. Many players—including quarterback Josh Allen—wished her well throughout practice.

Jessica Pegula, Pegula’s daughter, is the WTA‘s No. 4 women’s tennis player. Jessica Pegula’s tennis career may be just beginning. Jessica will visit her mother more when she improves. Jessica’s family is determining how much she may participate in this year’s celebrations and events. They want to make sure she’s ready for the future’s level
of commitment.

After the session, Jessica Pegula could call her father but not her mother. He told her Kim was glad to be at a Bills practice after more than a year. Jessica Pegula could not reach her mother after the meeting.


Kim Pegula’s year began with a June 2022 medical emergency that ended in cardiac death. It stopped the heart. Her first misfortune. It got worse. Jessica wrote about her traua and healing in February’s Players’ Tribune. It moved many. Jessica’s fast CPR and the responders’ intervention saved her mother. They saved Jessica’s mother. Her father awoke to find her mother having a heart attack. He found her mom. Her father discovered her mother.

Kim Pegula’s family and friends are thrilled she’s back at Bills training camp. Because they can see her. When she returns, everyone is relieved to see her.

The Indianapolis Colts and Buffalo Bills will play the first preseason game at Lucas Oil Stadium on August 12.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Does Kim Pegula have aphasia?

Nichol Castro was mentioned in a Buffalo News article discussing Kim Pegula’s expressive aphasia. Kim Pegula, the president and co-owner of the Bills and Sabres, suffered a cardiac arrest in June 2022. Her daughter, Jessica Pegula, revealed that Kim is currently grappling with expressive aphasia.

What is the prognosis for Kim Pegula?

Her road to recovery has been challenging, characterized by “significant expressive aphasia” – impairments in speech due to brain injury – “and notable memory challenges.” The essay indicates it is improbable that Kim Pegula will resume her regular duties with the teams.

What happened to Buffalo Bills owner’s wife?

In a Players’ Tribune article on February 7, 2023, Jessica Pegula disclosed that Kim Pegula’s hospitalization was the result of a cardiac arrest, which resulted in a “brain injury” causing “significant expressive aphasia and significant memory issues” due to prolonged oxygen deprivation to her brain.

Why is Pegula so rich?

Jessica Pegula’s wealth originates from her family’s substantial fortune and her successful career as a professional tennis player. Pegula is the offspring of Terry and Kim Pegula, who are multi-billionaires.


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