JK Scott Record Setting Punt: Chargers Alabama Alum Soars to New Heights

JK Scott Record Setting Punt: It appears like Los Angeles Chargers star J.K. Scott kicked his way into the record books with the longest punt in franchise history and the longest by an Alabama-born player in the NFL. During the Denver Broncos game on Sunday, the former Alabama All-American demonstrated his powerful legs.

Facing a fourth-and-20 at their 17-yard line in the second quarter, Scott lined up for his third punt of the game. Drumroll, please! The pigskin soared an impressive 83 yards, securing its place as the 17th-longest punt in NFL history. Fun fact: the last time someone matched this feat was Bryan Anger of the Dallas Cowboys last season with an 83-yarder.

Not just any punt, mind you—this rocket of a kick broke the Chargers’ franchise record, previously held by Paul Maguire’s 82-yard punt in 1961. Talk about a yard-by-yard takeover! Even among Alabama football alums, Scott outdid Chris Mohr’s 80-yard punt for the Buffalo Bills in 1996.

Picture this: Scott booted the ball from the Los Angeles 6-yard line, and it gracefully touched down at the Denver 20 before graciously bouncing into the end zone. A touchback never looked so impressive!

Scott’s punting prowess didn’t stop there. He averaged 57.4 yards on five punts, with a net of 48.4 yards in the Chargers’ 24-7 faceoff against the Broncos. Last week, he snagged the AFC Special-Teams Player of the Week Award for his stellar performance against the New England Patriots. Looks like Scott is turning punting into an art form!

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Our Reader’s Queries

Who holds the record for the longest punt?

In 1969, Steve O’Neal of the New York Jets made NFL history with his 98-yard punt. This incredible feat saw O’Neal launch the ball from the very back of the end zone, resulting in the longest punt in NFL history. The ball did not remain airborne for the entire distance but instead hit the 33-yard line and rolled all the way to the 1-yard line. This remarkable punt showcases O’Neal’s incredible skill and precision on the field.

What is the highest punt average in NFL history?

Raiders punter AJ Cole smashed an NFL record today, boasting a staggering 63.6 yards per punt average in the game – the highest in NFL history for a single game.

Who has the most punts in the NFL history?

In 2005, during his time with the New York Giants, Feagles achieved a career milestone by setting the record for the most total punts. He surpassed Sean Landeta by recording an impressive 1,368th punt, solidifying his place in the history books.

What is the longest punt in the air?

On September 21, 1969, Jets rookie punter Steve O’Neal smashed NFL records with a 98-yard punt against the Broncos.

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