Huntsville Marine Corps Veteran Trains Service Dogs: Bringing Support to Fellow Veterans

Huntsville Marine Corps Veteran Trains Service Dogs: In Huntsville, Alabama, John Pitsinger, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, is dedicating himself to serving the community and fellow veterans through service dog training. As the owner and lead trainer at Dog Training Elite Huntsville, Pitsinger uses his expertise to connect people with their canine companions, emphasizing the profound impact these dogs can have.

Having served 19 years in the Marine Corps and experiencing a challenging transition to civilian life due to a head injury, Pitsinger found solace in training his own dogs. Recognizing the positive change it brought to his life, he decided to share this benefit with others. His business, Dog Training Elite Huntsville, not only helps individuals connect with their dogs but also collaborates with the Malinois Foundation to provide service dogs to veterans, children with disabilities, women survivors, and first responders in need.

Pitsinger’s own dog, Lena, a two-year-old German Shepherd and Australian Cattle Dog mix, serves as his psychiatric service dog. Service dogs like Lena play a crucial role in assisting veterans, offering both mental and physical support. They are trained to detect signs of anxiety by recognizing specific smells released by the body.

Through his work, Pitsinger aims to bring hope to veterans facing challenges and encourages them to seek help. He emphasizes that there is always hope and something better, addressing the alarming issue of veteran suicides. Pitsinger’s commitment to both dogs and veterans exemplifies a dedication to service beyond military duty.

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