Huntsville Bail Fund Stands Against Unjust Arrests in Perkins Movement

Huntsville Bail Fund Stands Against Unjust Arrests: The Huntsville Bail Fund is extending its support to protesters involved in the Perkins movement, aiming to bail out those they believe were wrongfully arrested. Tahirih Osborne, the Executive Director of Huntsville Bail Fund, emphasizes that individuals exercising their First Amendment rights shouldn’t be incarcerated. The organization expresses concern over Decatur Police arresting numerous people for non-violent offenses.

Osborne highlights the erosion of trust when officers appear to target peaceful participants at public events. Collaborating with the racial justice group Standing in Power, the Huntsville Bail Fund reports over 30 arrests during Perkins protests. Currently, the fund has assisted three protesters facing identical disorderly conduct charges by Decatur Police.

Osborne questions the seeming targeting and unfairness of these arrests, emphasizing that individuals demanding justice typically have no intention of harming the community. She points out the lasting impact of such arrests on people’s lives, affecting employment, housing, and even custody arrangements.

The Executive Director questions why Decatur Police opt for arrests instead of issuing citations for low-level charges. She challenges the wisdom of utilizing the city’s resources for the arrest of individuals involved in nonviolent crimes. Despite the challenges, protesters remain committed to their cause until they perceive justice being served.

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