Hoover Residents Raise Concerns at ADEM Hearing: Storm Water Woes and the Battle for Accountability

Hoover Residents Raise Concerns at ADEM Hearing: The Alabama Department of Environmental Management received an earful from Hoover residents Thursday evening who say they are tired of dealing with flooding and other issues related to storm water runoff.

This happened during an ADEM hearing where the city is trying to get its storm water management system permit renewed.

We did hear from residents who live around Indian Valley Lake who say silt is building up in the lake from things like storm water runoff. They say some areas are so silted you can’t even get boats in.

One resident who lives in the Green Valley neighborhood is tired of dealing with flooding and some are having to spend their retirement or life savings to repair or live in their homes. The city is requesting to continue draining storm water into public waterways, but some neighbors are fed up with it.

“I have serious storm water runoff on my property. I’ve had five sinkholes open up on my cul-de-sac in my subdivision,” said Mark Davis, who lives near Indian Valley Lake.

“The problem is easements. The problem is storm water not our property. We don’t own the drains. Enough is enough and somebody needs to own up, step up and take responsibility,” Matthew Smith who lives in Green Valley said. The city maintains it can’t spend public money on private property.

ADEM is taking what they heard at the hearing into consideration and also taking public comment until Friday at 5 p.m. before making a decision on the city’s permit.

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