Helen Mirren Golda Meir: Helen Mirren Captivating Portrayal of Golda Meir in Golda Trailer

 Helen Mirren Golda Meir: In the new trailer for the upcoming movie “Golda,” Dame Helen Mirren amazes with her performance as Golda Meir, the first woman to become Israel’s prime minister.

As the trailer starts, big text comes up on the screen that talks about how rough 1973 was, when Golda Meir was in charge of the most contentious region in the world. Mirren plays the powerful politician with ease as she gets ready to speak to the state of Israel.

The official synopsis says that “Golda,” which is based on real events, will be a “ticking-clock thriller” that focuses on Meir during the tense 19 days of the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

In the trailer, Mirren has intense conversations with a number of her contemporaries, including Liev Schreiber, who looks so much like former US politician Henry Kissinger that he is almost unrecognizable.

Golda Meir, a powerful person around the world, was the leader of Israel from 1969 to 1974. Even though she was powerful, people say that she carried the weight of the lives lost in the Yom Kippur War until the end of her life.

In a touching scene, Schreiber’s character asks Mirren how many people died. She says, “All those boys, I will carry that pain with me to my grave.”

 Helen Mirren Golda Meir

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This isn’t the first time Helen Mirren has played a famous Jewish person on film. In the 2015 drama “Woman in Gold,” in which she played Jewish refugee Maria Altmann, she did a great job. This got her a nomination for the SAG Award for leading female actor.

Some people said that a Jewish actor should have been chosen for the role of Meir, but Mirren stood up for her role in the movie. She talked to the director, Guy Nattiv, about why he chose to cast her even though she wasn’t Jewish.

In response to the backlash, she asked if a Jewish person should play a character who isn’t Jewish. This put the spotlight on how hard it is to cast people in the film industry.

Camille Cottin, who was in “House of Gucci,” plays Lou Kaddar, Meir’s personal assistant, in “Golda.” She stars with Helen Mirren and Liev Schreiber.

Mark August 25 on your calendars because that’s when “Golda” will come out. It will show an amazing part of Golda Meir’s life and Israel’s history.

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Our Reader’s Queries

Is Golda playing on Netflix?

Goldawill not be available on Netflix in the near future.

Did Golda Meir have an American accent?

Golda Meir, in her early years, primarily resided in the US, developing a subtle Eastern-European inflection in her speech due to conversing in Yiddish with her parents instead of English.


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