Haleyville: First-Ever 9-1-1 Town Honors Emergency Heroes

Haleyville, an historic town in northwestern Alabama, holds a unique distinction as the birthplace of the 9-1-1 emergency telephone system. The town's commitment to honoring emergency services is exemplified in its annual 9-1-1 Festival, a testament to its ongoing dedication to recognizing and celebrating the contributions of emergency personnel.

With a population of 4,139 individuals, Haleyville boasts a rich history, well-structured educational system, and various recreational amenities.

This article explores the town's historic roots, demographic profile, educational institutions, transportation infrastructure, notable landmarks, and its enduring tradition of honoring emergency heroes.

Key Takeaways

  • Haleyville is the first town to implement the 9-1-1 emergency telephone system, hosting the emergency telephone number at the police station and facilitated by the local provider, Alabama Telephone Company.
  • The town was named in honor of the Haley family, who established a large mercantile business there.
  • Haleyville has a population of 4,139, with 92.7 percent identifying as white, 10.8 percent as Hispanic, and 1.5 percent as African American.
  • The city hosts the 9-1-1 Festival each June to honor emergency personnel.

Haleyville: Birthplace of 9-1-1

Haleyville proudly lays claim to being the birthplace of the 9-1-1 emergency telephone system, marking a significant milestone in the town's history and its contribution to emergency services. The implementation of the 9-1-1 system in Haleyville revolutionized emergency response, setting a precedent for the entire nation.

This pioneering step highlighted Haleyville's impact on emergency services and underscored the town's commitment to public safety. The significance of the 9-1-1 system in Haleyville's history cannot be overstated, as it laid the groundwork for streamlined and efficient emergency communication and response. This innovation not only transformed the way emergencies were handled in Haleyville but also served as a model for communities across the United States.

Haleyville's foresight and initiative in establishing the 9-1-1 system cemented its reputation as a trailblazer in emergency services and solidified its place in the annals of public safety history.

Historic Roots and Early Development

With historic roots dating back to the early 1880s, the town of Haleyville in northwest Alabama has a rich history of early development and economic growth. The construction of the Northern Alabama Railroad in the early 1880s played a pivotal role in spurring economic development in the area. This led to the incorporation of Haleyville on February 28, 1889, and the subsequent establishment of various local industries such as warehouses, a fertilizer plant, and a schoolhouse. The table below provides a snapshot of the historic roots and economic development of Haleyville:

Year Event Development
Early 1880s Construction of Northern Alabama Railroad Spurred economic growth
1889 Incorporation of Haleyville Establishment of local industries
2020 Current population: 4,139; Median household income: $39,886 Continued economic stability and growth

These early developments laid the foundation for Haleyville's continued economic prosperity and growth.

Demographics and Community Profile

The demographic profile of Haleyville, with a population of 4,139 according to 2020 Census estimates, reflects a predominance of white residents alongside significant Hispanic and African American representation. This demographic diversity enriches the community, fostering a rich tapestry of cultures and traditions.

Community engagement is a cornerstone of Haleyville, with various events and places of interest catering to diverse interests. The town's median household income of $39,886 and per capita income of $18,640 underscore a stable economic foundation, contributing to a thriving community.

Haleyville's commitment to honoring emergency heroes through the annual 9-1-1 Festival demonstrates a united community spirit. Such initiatives not only recognize the invaluable contributions of emergency personnel but also foster a sense of belonging and unity among the town's residents.

Education and Transportation Infrastructure

Haleyville City Schools oversees the administration of one elementary school, one middle school, one high school, and one technology center. State Highways 13, 129, and 195 provide accessible transportation routes for the town.

In terms of education, efforts are ongoing to implement improvements that enhance the quality and accessibility of educational resources. This includes the integration of advanced technology and the development of innovative teaching methodologies to ensure a comprehensive and progressive learning environment.

Furthermore, there is a strong focus on enhancing the connectivity of transportation infrastructure to facilitate seamless mobility within and around the town. Initiatives for the improvement of road networks and public transportation services are being actively pursued to ensure efficient connectivity, catering to the evolving needs of the community.

Notable Landmarks and Recreational Facilities

An array of notable landmarks and recreational facilities can be found throughout the town of Haleyville, making it an attractive destination for locals and visitors alike.

Haleyville Landmarks

  1. The Palmer-Feldman House and the Feldman Department Store are listed on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage.
  2. Feldmans Department Store is also on the National Register of Historic Places.

Haleyville Recreational Facilities

  1. Haleyville's recreation department supports a swimming pool, ball field, tennis courts, and the 140-acre Rocky Ravine/City Lake Park.

These landmarks and recreational facilities contribute to the town's cultural and leisure offerings. Visitors can explore the rich history of Haleyville through its landmarks, while recreational facilities provide ample opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.

Honoring Emergency Personnel: The 9-1-1 Festival

Honoring the dedication and bravery of emergency personnel, Haleyville annually celebrates their vital contributions through the 9-1-1 Festival. This festival serves as a testament to the town's deep gratitude for the sacrifices made by these heroes. The 9-1-1 Festival is a cherished event that brings the community together to honor and recognize the local emergency services for their unwavering commitment to public safety. The festival features a range of activities, including parades, live music performances, educational demonstrations, and opportunities for the public to interact with emergency personnel. It also provides a platform for the community to express their appreciation and support for the individuals who serve tirelessly in times of crisis. The 9-1-1 Festival celebrations serve as a reminder of the invaluable role played by local emergency services in ensuring the well-being of the town's residents.

9-1-1 Festival Celebrations Local Emergency Services Recognition Community Engagement
Parades Honoring the dedication and bravery Interaction with
Live Music Performances Recognition of vital contributions Emergency Personnel
Educational Demonstrations Gratitude for sacrifices made Public Appreciation

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Specific Emergency Services Available in Haleyville, Alabama?

Haleyville, Alabama, offers specific emergency services including police, fire, and medical response. The town is served by a responsive 9-1-1 emergency telephone system, ensuring prompt assistance to residents in need, with a significant impact on public safety.

How Has the Implementation of the 9-1-1 System Impacted the Response Time for Emergency Personnel in Haleyville?

The implementation of the 9-1-1 system in Haleyville has significantly impacted the response time for emergency personnel. This has had a positive effect on emergency personnel, enabling them to swiftly and efficiently respond to critical situations, ultimately enhancing public safety.

What Are the Main Industries and Businesses in Haleyville, and How Do They Contribute to the Local Economy?

Haleyville's main industries encompass manufacturing, warehousing, and education. These businesses significantly contribute to the local economy by providing employment opportunities and generating revenue. The economic impact is evident through sustained growth and community development.

Are There Any Unique Transportation Challenges or Infrastructure Projects in Haleyville?

Haleyville faces unique transportation challenges due to its geographic location. Infrastructure projects are vital to addressing these issues, ensuring efficient connectivity. Improving road networks and enhancing public transportation systems will be crucial for sustainable development and economic growth.

What Are Some Lesser-Known Historic Landmarks or Points of Interest in Haleyville That Visitors Might Enjoy?

Haleyville, Alabama boasts several hidden gems and lesser-known historic landmarks for visitors. The Palmer-Feldman House and Feldman Department Store, both on state and national historic registers, offer a glimpse into the town's rich history and heritage.


In conclusion, Haleyville, the pioneering town of the 9-1-1 emergency system, continues to pay homage to its historic roots and commitment to honoring emergency personnel.

The town's rich history, strong community profile, well-structured educational system, and various recreational amenities make it a standout destination.

The annual 9-1-1 Festival serves as a testament to the town's unwavering dedication.

Haleyville's legacy as the birthplace of 9-1-1 and its ongoing tribute to emergency heroes make it a truly remarkable place.

Our Reader’s Queries

What is Haleyville Alabama famous for?

Haleyville, a town known for being the first to put the 9-1-1 emergency phone system into action, is home to Haleyville City Hall. The Cherokee people originally lived in the area, and some chose to stay even after being forcibly removed in the 1830s.

Who is the mayor of Haleyville Alabama?

Ken Sunseri, the esteemed Mayor of Haleyville, is a dedicated leader who is committed to the development and progress of our city. With his extensive experience and innovative ideas, Mayor Sunseri has been instrumental in driving positive change and growth in our community. His proactive approach and strong vision have garnered widespread support and admiration from the residents of Haleyville. As the driving force behind many successful initiatives, Mayor Sunseri continues to inspire and empower others to work towards a brighter future for our beloved city. Connect with Mayor Sunseri on LinkedIn to stay updated on the exciting developments in Haleyville.

What county is 35565 in?

35565 ZIP Code corresponds to the post office city of Haleyville, AL in Winston County. This area falls in the Central timezone with coordinates of 34.2, -87.6. The ZIP Code covers a radius of approximately 13 miles.

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