Four Museums in Auburn: A Must-Visit Quartet of Museums

Four Museums in Auburn: From mesmerizing fine art to the breathtaking charm of an arboretum, Auburn’s museums beckon you to delve into the vibrant history and cultural tapestry of Auburn and Opelika. No matter your fancy, these four gems are a must-visit, each offering its unique allure.

1. Museum of East Alabama

Nestled in the heart of Downtown Opelika, The Museum of East Alabama serves as a bridge between bygone eras and the present. Unveiling the captivating history of the region, it delves into the agricultural tapestry from Native American epochs to the Civil War.

With over 5,000 local and state artifacts spanning centuries, this museum enchants over 2,000 annual visitors, bringing East Alabama’s and Opelika’s history to life.

But the experience doesn’t end within the museum’s walls. Step outside to witness Christoph Johnson’s artistry—a mesmerizing outdoor mural portraying people and historic elements integral to Opelika’s regional essence.

For history enthusiasts, a stroll through this museum is a journey through time!

  • Location: 121 S 9th St, Opelika, AL 36801
  • Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10AM–4PM | Saturday 2PM–4PM
  • Admission: Free

Four Museums in Auburn

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2. Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art

Nestled on Auburn University’s campus, The Jule Collins Smith Museum of Fine Art stands as Alabama’s sole accredited university art museum. Boasting six exhibition galleries spanning 40,000 square feet, it serves as a bastion of art-historical, multi-disciplinary, and object-based research.

This museum embraces innovation and the freedom to venture into uncharted territories, encouraging exploration and evaluation of the world around us. It proudly holds the cultural essence of Auburn University, inviting all to delve into the realm of visual arts. Whether you seek paintings, sculptures, or immersive sensory experiences, this museum is a must-visit.

  • Location: 901 S College St, Auburn, AL 36849
  • Hours: Friday–Wednesday 10AM–4:30PM | Thursday 10AM–8PM
  • Admission: Free

Four Museums in Auburn

3. Auburn University Museum of Natural History

Nestled within Auburn University’s embrace, The Auburn University Museum of Natural History is a sanctuary for research and education. Its noble mission encompasses biodiversity research, the preservation and documentation of our planet’s diverse life forms, and the promotion of natural history education for both Auburn University and all Alabama citizens.

Leveraging the extensive organismal knowledge of its curators and staff, this museum serves as a gateway for locals and visitors to delve into the wonders of the natural sciences and cultivate an appreciation for biodiversity. Notable exhibits include the awe-inspiring Theropod Dinosaur Egg and the captivating National Geographic Photo Ark Collection.

While the museum warmly welcomes the public on the first Wednesday of each month at 5:30 PM for an hour-and-a-half tour, groups seeking guided tours during designated times are encouraged to reach out. The museum’s public displays are accessible during regular business hours, scattered across Auburn’s campus in the Rouse Life Sciences Building, the Science Center Auditorium Building, Greene Hall, and the Crop Improvement Association Building.

  • Location: 381 Mell St, Auburn, AL 36849
  • Public display hours: Monday–Friday 9AM–5PM
  • Admission: Free

Four Museums in Auburn

4. Donald E. Davis Arboretum

Nestled in the heart of Auburn, the Donald E. Davis Arboretum beckons as a public native plants museum and botanical haven. This lush sanctuary boasts water features, meandering trails, and idyllic spots for communing with nature’s beauty.

Distinguished for its dedication to preserving local plant life, the arboretum proudly hosts the venerable Founder’s Oak tree, standing tall for over 150 years. Recognized nationally by the Plant Collections Network, the arboretum earned accreditation for its Deciduous Rhododendron Collection in 2019.

Four Museums in Auburn

Beyond its serene landscape, the arboretum hosts a vibrant tapestry of events throughout the year, including the blooming spectacle of Auburn’s Azalea Festival, the flavorful Red, White, and Blueberry Bash, an annual photo contest, and more. Immerse yourself in the natural splendor and captivating events this haven has to offer!

  • Location:181 Garden Dr, Auburn, AL 36849
  • Hours: Monday-Sunday 6AM-7PM
  • Admission: Free

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