FAA Drone Pilot Certification: Your Ticket to High-Paying Careers

FAA Drone Pilot Certification: Somerset High School students are ready to become FAA-certified professional drone pilots.

In this academic study, students explore uncrewed aerial vehicles’ complexity.

Derk Leal is a motivated student excited about the possibilities ahead. He wants to use his drone license to pay for college instead of flying. “I’m getting my commercial license to fly (drones) for a living and pay for college,” he said.

This journey is made more accessible with the Dee Howard Foundation. This agreement includes support, training for instructors, and student curricula and ends with purchasing DJI Commercial Drones.

Under expert STEM teacher Mike Kliewer, this lesson goes beyond drone operation mechanics. Kliewer’s plan is for students to create digital spaces and learn self-promotion in the digital age.

Christina Martinez, the executive director of the Dee Howard Foundation, is enthusiastic about the program’s current reach: five high schools and eight middle schools. It demonstrates their commitment to developing young talent and improving technology.

Kliewer paints a picture of what these explorers could do. Skilled pilots will soon be needed for various jobs, including rescue missions and package delivery.

Martinez states that the school’s primary goal is to teach students what they need to pass the FAA Part 107 exam. If successful, they earn the FAA Commercial Drone Pilot title, leading to lucrative job opportunities in high demand.

The Dee Howard Foundation invests in a group with future-ready skills and ambition.