F1 Academy: Empowering Young Female Talent in Formula One

F1 Academy: We created F1 Academy to bring about real and lasting change to ensure that young female talent has the right system in place to follow and achieve their dreams,” said the president of Formula One,

Stefano Domenicali. “Our goal is to ensure that young women have the opportunity to compete at the highest level.” Today is a pivotal day because it demonstrates the influence that the project has had and the support that it has received from the F1 community.

Susie and the other team members are putting in a lot of effort to help us reach our goals.  In the year 2024, the F1 Academy will become a part of our race schedule, which will raise the exposure and profile of the series on a global scale. Additionally, having the F1 liveries on the grid will be something truly remarkable.

F1 Academy

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There are only two more race weekends left for the F1 Academy series: the next one will take place at Paul Ricard this coming Saturday and Sunday, and the season-finale will take place at the Circuit of the Americas in October alongside the F1 United States Grand Prix.

Marta Garcia is currently 36 points ahead of Hamda Al Qubaisi after an action-packed weekend at Monza in the beginning of July. Lena Buhler is further seven points behind Marta Garcia. With six races yet to go, Abbi Pulling of Great Britain is currently in fourth place in the standings, 69 points behind Garcia.

Our Reader’s Queries

How do I join the F1 Academy?

1. Begin with Karting to learn the basics of racing.
2. Enroll in a Racing Program to further develop your skills.
3. Obtain a Valid Driver’s License to prove your competency on the road.
4. Acquire an International Class Competition License to compete at a higher level.
5. Join a Junior Driver Academy for specialized training and opportunities.
6. Demonstrate dedication and talent to stand out in the competitive field.
7. Secure financial backing to support your racing career.

What is the point of F1 Academy?

The F1 Academy, established in 2023 after the W Series went into administration, is dedicated to nurturing women in motorsports.

What happened to F1 Academy?

F1 Academy has made significant changes for its second year, including a stronger collaboration with Formula 1 for the upcoming 2024 season. The Alpine F1 team has revealed its backing of Abbi Pulling for the 2024 F1 Academy season as part of a new venture for the all-female series.

What level is F1 Academy?

The 2023 F1 Academy marked the beginning of the F1 Academy, a groundbreaking all-female Formula 4-level racing series launched and managed by Formula Motorsport Limited.

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