Ex-Auburn Star Joins Elks: Surprise Move!”

Ex-Auburn Star Joins Elks: The recent announcement of former Auburn star, John Franklin III, joining the Elks has sent shockwaves through the football community. Franklin’s journey from the collegiate powerhouse to various professional leagues, including stints with FAU and a brief NFL experience, has been nothing short of intriguing.

With his recent transition from the USFL to the CFL, many are left wondering about the motivations behind this surprise move. As fans and analysts speculate on what this means for Franklin’s career, one thing is certain – his presence on the Elks roster is bound to shake up the upcoming season.

John Franklin III’s Journey

John Franklin III’s journey from quarterback to wide receiver at Auburn University showcased his adaptability and determination on the football field.

In 2016, he left a mark at Auburn by completing 14-of-26 passes for 204 yards and a touchdown, while also displaying his versatility with 430 rushing yards and two additional touchdowns.

Prior to his time at Auburn, Franklin gained recognition during his stint at East Mississippi Community College, notably appearing on the Netflix show ‘Last Chance U.’

His transition to wide receiver during spring practice in 2017 at Auburn raised eyebrows, especially after a decent performance in the A-Day Game where he caught four passes. Despite this, Franklin made the decision to transfer to Florida Atlantic University (FAU) later that year.

This shift highlighted his willingness to adapt and take on new challenges in pursuit of success on the football field. Franklin’s journey underscores his resilience and commitment to excel in varying roles within the sport.

Ex-Auburn Star Joins Elks

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FAU and NFL Experience

Having gained experience at FAU and making notable appearances in the NFL, Franklin showcased his adaptability and versatility in various positions on the field. During his time at FAU, Franklin played as a wide receiver, demonstrating his skill by contributing seven receptions for 95 yards and one touchdown in the 2017 season. Additionally, he showcased his rushing abilities, gaining 229 yards and scoring two touchdowns. His NFL journey commenced with the Chicago Bears in 2018, where he transitioned to playing as a cornerback. Subsequently, Franklin joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ practice squad in 2019, further honing his skills and adaptability.

Franklin’s versatility was on full display during his only NFL regular-season appearance in the 2019 regular-season finale, where he impressed as a wildcat quarterback. In 2020, he made the transition back to wide receiver, but unfortunately, his season was cut short due to a knee injury sustained during training camp. Franklin’s experience at FAU and in the NFL has undoubtedly shaped him into a dynamic and adaptable player on the field.

USFL and Transition to CFL

Upon concluding his time with the USFL’s Memphis Showboats in 2023, Franklin seamlessly transitioned to the CFL as he embarks on a new chapter with the Edmonton Elks. As he prepares for the upcoming season, let’s delve into the key points of his journey:

  1. USFL Stint: Franklin’s brief but impactful stint with the Memphis Showboats showcased his versatility on the field, contributing with receptions, rushing attempts, and kickoff returns in just one game.
  2. CFL Debut: Joining the Edmonton Elks marks a significant step in Franklin’s career, as he joins the team for their 75th season opener against the Saskatchewan Roughriders on June 8. The Elks, determined to improve from their previous season, offer Franklin a platform to showcase his skills in the competitive CFL.
  3. Athletic Resilience: Franklin’s transition from college football to the USFL and now to the CFL exemplifies the determination and adaptability required to pursue one’s football aspirations at different levels. His journey underscores the grit and talent possessed by athletes striving to make their mark in the football world.

Ex-Auburn Star Joins Elks

News in Brief

“Former Auburn standout, John Franklin III, surprises the football community with a move to the Edmonton Elks after a stint in the USFL. Known for his versatility, Franklin’s transition from NCAA to NFL and now to the CFL demonstrates his adaptability and commitment to success. From quarterback to wide receiver, his journey includes notable stops at Auburn, FAU, and the NFL. With a recent impactful stint in the USFL, Franklin joins the Edmonton Elks for the 2024 CFL season, debuting on June 8 against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Fans eagerly anticipate how his dynamic skills will impact the team’s performance, highlighting his resilience and determination in the football arena.”

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